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For some, a trip to the dentist can be quite unsettling. Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience that triggers an uncomfortable amount of fear or anxiety. Or perhaps you have a strong gag reflex or suffer from anxiety.

With sleep dentistry, imagine slowly drifting away into a deep and peaceful sleep, completely oblivious to everything around you, including your treatment. There’s no pain, no noises, just peace and tranquillity. And depending on the sedation option you choose, you may not even remember a thing.

At Aria Dental, we understand your personal concerns and are here to help. We can support you by providing a range of sedation options to help put you completely at ease, no matter how anxious you feel. Aria Dental (in the Perth CBD) offers a variety of sedation options, from light, oral (anti-anxiety) medications to gently relax you, to intravenous sedation techniques where you’ll be deeply relaxed and not remember your treatment afterwards.

Your Aria dentist can discuss all the appropriate sleep dentistry options available to you, so together, you can agree on the best option for your treatment.

You’re in safe hands.

The Aria Dental nurses will take care of you throughout your appointment. You can be reassured that our team will always be there to support, listen and care for you throughout your stay.

Before and after your treatment, you’ll be in the luxurious Aria recovery room and constantly monitored. Your recovery time will depend on your needs, the type of sedation given, and the procedure performed – but there is no hurry, enjoy the space and take your time.

Once you are ready for discharge, we will call your nominated friend or family member. Our nurses will provide you with any verbal or written post-operative instructions once they arrive. We do require that a responsible adult is with you during these discussions (just in case you forget any details). They will also need to drive you home and stay with you for the rest of the day. You will have your dentist’s or Dr Michael Zaninovich’s direct number should you have any questions you missed asking.

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You’re in safe hands with Aria Dental

Why would I consider sleep dentistry?

  • Save time & money – some complex dental procedures may need several visits. Sedation allows more work to be done in the one appointment, saving time and money.

  • Bypass physical problems – some patients have strong gag reflexes, are noise-sensitive or hate drill noises. Others have anxiety issues that make dental appointments difficult. Sedation alleviates these problems.

  • Better quality of treatment – Sometimes, dentists feel they can treat a patient more effectively if they’re asleep, due to problems with gag reflexes or discomfort. If a patient is awake, the dentist may feel obliged to minimise stressful actions and speed up their work. Sedation allows the dentist to do their best work without any distractions.

  • Phobias – Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry is excellent for those suffering phobias that prohibit them from visiting the dentist.

  • Little to no memory afterwards – For some patients with psychological concerns or those who have a lot of invasive work required, such as tooth extractions or oral surgery, dental work can be distressing. Some dental treatments can also be time-consuming. With sedation, the patient will feel as if they have been away for a couple of minutes, when they may have been in surgery for several hours.

  • A pleasant experience – Anyone can elect to have sedation for their dental treatment if they would prefer to have a more relaxing, comfortable, stress-free experience.