Because everyone needs to look after their teeth.

Enjoy a lifetime of good dental health and keep cavities, gum disease & costly dental treatments at bay.

At Aria Dental we are in the business of ‘rescuing’ people who have been careless with their oral hygiene in the past, but prevention is better than a cure, especially when it comes to your teeth. Taking care of your teeth, and you’ll not only help save your teeth, you’ll help keep your body healthy, too. That’s why at Aria Dental, we’re here to help you to keep your teeth in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

Preventative dentistry or oral hygiene maintenance consists of homecare and professional care. Usually, patients are encouraged to come in for a six-monthly check-up; however, everyone is different. Your dentist will tell you how frequently you should come in for a visit. We’ll also educate you on homecare so that you are cleaning your teeth and gums to ensure optimal dental health.

Book your Exam, Scale & Clean

Take care of your teeth – for better health & fewer dental bills

What is a “scale and clean”?

1. Examination

Not every scale and clean requires a comprehensive exam by the dentist. Each patient is unique, and depending on their needs, they may require an examination three-, six-, or 12-monthly. The dental hygienist will examine the soft tissues of the mouth, and if they do notice any issues with the dental hard tissues, then they will ask the dentist to complete an examination.

2. Plaque removal

This is also called a dental prophylaxis and involves using a slow-speed hand piece and a brush with prophylactic paste (similar to toothpaste) to mechanically remove plaque on the teeth.

3. Calculus removal

Calculus, also known as tartar, often builds up on the teeth both above and below the gum line. Calculus is attached to the teeth and is very hard and cannot be removed with a dental prophylaxis. It requires mechanical removal with an ultrasonic scaler and hand instrument.

4. Professional cleaning

Often, patients believe that a ‘scale and clean’ means that their teeth stains will be removed, and the teeth will appear whiter. However, a scale and clean primarily involves the removal of plaque and calculus for improved oral health. Tooth stain removal is an aesthetic issue and can often also be completed at a ‘scale and clean’ appointment.

Keep cavities, disease & bad breath at bay

A routine exam, clean and scale helps to keep plaque build-up, bacterial infection, cavities and of course bad breath at bay. This, in turn, can also help you prevent developing gum disease which happens in two stages:

Gingivitis: patient notices bleeding and sore gums, redness and swelling

Periodontitis: a more serious condition where you notice receding gums, bad breath, wobbly teeth and even tooth loss