What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are recognised experts when anything needs replacing in your mouth. ‘Replacement’ could be single or multiple teeth, all teeth or gums in the mouth. A Prosthodontist are dental specialists who have advanced additional training in how to help patients with the best possible care with any of the following:

  • your bite (malocclusion)
  • severely worn-down teeth (through grinding or clenching) or broken teeth / damaged teeth
  • replace or repair dental implants
  • compromised teeth or replacing missing teeth
  • attach dental crowns or bridges
  • provide ceramic or porcelain veneers and dentures
  • provide overdentures
  • perform an all-on-four dental implant procedure
  • managing developmental and congenital defects of the jaw and teeth
  • inlays and onlays
  • complex for mouth dental rehabilitation
  • smile makeovers
  • prevent the wear and tear of your teeth from grinding or clenching
  • teeth-whitening
  • improving your oral health

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry that encompasses the use of removable and fixed dental prosthetics, such as dental implants, to restore dental function and appearance. With the highest possible qualification a professional can achieve in cosmetic dentistry, with an extra three years of specialist training in cosmetic dentistry, oral health and full mouth rehabilitation, Prosthodontists are considered an authority in dental implant procedures. Prosthodontics is one of 13 dental specialties recognised by the Dental Board of Australia. It involves rehabilitating oral health, function and aesthetics by restoring broken or worn teeth and replacing missing ones.

Prosthodontist Perth treatment samples

Prosthodontic Reconstructions

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Need a Dental Specialist’s Second Opinion?

If considering dental implants, you likely will require a second opinion on your proposed treatment plan and will want to discuss these proposed options with a Dental Specialist. Surgical or invasive procedures all carry risks and should be completed under the guidance of appropriately Qualified Dental Specialists.

Aria’s Dr Michael Zaninovich accepts patient referrals for complex dental implant cases from dentists across Australia – and patients are welcome to enquire directly, too (no formal referral is required). Patients are able to book a free, non-obligation Treatment Plan Review for their peace of mind or to ensure they are getting the most appropriate care for their oral issues.

How is a Specialist Prosthodontist different to a Dentist?

General dentists can perform dental implant treatments, but they don’t have the same amount of in-depth training as Prosthodontists. Prosthodontics is a postgraduate qualification. To apply for a position in the course, the applicant needs to have completed a minimum of two years of general dental practice and meet all other requirements for general registration as a dentist. Once accepted into the course, the applicant will complete a further three years of full-time study, after which they will be able to register as a specialist Prosthodontist with the Dental Board of Australia.

Prosthodontists have specialty knowledge and skills that give them the ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of health issues.

Specialist Prosthodontists are different to general dentists, and you can choose which you see! Before committing to a surgical dental procedure, you should make sure you have done your homework and make sure the Dental Provider that you are engaging has all the skills, experience and know-how to treat you correctly, such as:

  • Am I confident that my implant dentist has completed the appropriate level of training to deliver my procedure successfully?
  • Have I got a second opinion from the most qualified medical professional for this treatment?
  • Why would I not consider a Dental Specialist Prosthodontist who devotes all their clinical time to complex procedures?
  • Is this dentist able to deal with any complications or issues that may arise during this procedure?

What does a Prosthodontist do?

Your dentist may refer you to a Prosthodontist for complex treatment or if you have multiple issues affecting your oral health, such as missing teeth. You can also choose to have your treatment performed by a specialist Prosthodontist and can book your consultation appointment directly.
At your first appointment, a Prosthodontist will perform a full examination of your mouth.
This exam may involve the use of X-rays and other diagnostic imaging systems, including cone-beam CT scans.
This in-depth examination ensures your Prosthodontist can plan a suitable treatment for your teeth and mouth.
While your dentist may refer you to Aria Dental, you don’t need a referral to make an appointment.
Our specialist Prosthodontist at Aria Dental is highly experienced at:

  • Dental implants – including single or multiple, all teeth, All on 4, All on 5, All on 6 and Full Arch Fixed Implants
  • Crowns – as well as bridges, overdentures and dentures
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – including veneers, teeth whitening and white fillings

Specialist Prosthodontic treatment at Aria Dental encompasses more than just your teeth and mouth. We look at your general health and any individual risk factors you may have. An Aria Dental comprehensive treatment plan focuses on stopping infections and diseases from spreading so you can maintain good long-term oral health.

Aria Dental has built an outstanding reputation not only as a leading Perth dental implant centre as Perth’s premium specialist and general dental centre.

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Need a Prosthodontist? Aria’s Complimentary Dental Implant Consultations

At Aria Dental, we offer patients a complimentary dental implant consultation. This consultation includes your appointment, an examination, and any x-rays or diagnostics required by our team to complete your detailed treatment plan. This no-out-of-pocket Aria service can cost up to $750.00 at other clinics. Please contact us today to book your initial appointment with Dr Zaninovich at Aria Dental in Perth to discuss your implant dentistry needs with a dental professional.

Prosthodontist Perth – Dr Michael Zaninovich

Specialist Prosthodontist Dr Michael Zaninovich leads our team at Aria Dental. As a Specialist Dentist in Prosthodontics, he can perform full mouth rehabilitation with optimal aesthetic and functional results. In most cases, he will be involved in both the treatment planning and surgical execution to maximise the success of your implant procedure and improve your oral health. Patients from across Western Australia use our clinic’s dental implant dentistry services to improve the quality of life, their self confidence and oral health situation. Before you book your general Dental Implant Perth appointment, it’s important to research which dental provider is appropriate for you. And when it comes to dental implants, Prosthodontists can help in many ways.

Aria’s Principal Prosthodontist, Dr Michael Zaninovich, has received advanced training in treating damaged teeth and is one of only two Diplomates of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in Western Australia. The Aria Dental Perth CBD clinic regularly has patients travelling from regional to interstate and overseas to benefit from his care and expertise. Internationally recognised for his accomplishments in dental implantology and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, Dr Zaninovich and his team use advanced dental implant techniques and treatment care – for one, several or all missing teeth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Teeth can become damaged or fall out for many reasons, including disease and trauma. Ideal candidates for full mouth rehabilitation must be in good oral health but may have multiple missing or badly damaged teeth. Many full-mouth rehabilitation patients also require the replacement of existing dental restorations that have worn over time. Most full-mouth rehabilitation plans need extensive work over multiple appointments; the result is a fully functioning mouth and excellent oral health that can last for decades.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a highly individualised treatment. The point of a full mouth reconstruction plan is to optimise the oral health of the entire mouth, including the teeth, the gums, and the bite. In many cases, it is necessary to replace or restore every tooth in the mouth using a combination of dental treatments. Full mouth rehabilitation gifts the patient new teeth and the resulting surge in self-confidence and quality of life. A gum set ceramic bridge is the closest type of prosthesis to that of a natural set of teeth. They represent the highest-quality subset of the full arch rehabilitation ceramic bridge options.

Gum Scallops and a Gum Set Ceramic Bridge

Gum Scallops and a Gum Set Ceramic Bridge

Aria Dental Implant Centre

Aria’s Dental Implant Centre in Perth is the home of Western Australian Principal Prosthodontist Dr Michael Zaninovich. Aria Dental has built an outstanding reputation not only as a leading Perth dental implant centre but also as Perth’s premium specialist and general dental centre. Our Perth CBD clinic is located at 1002 Hay Street Perth, just between QV1 and Parliament House in West Perth.

You’ll feel at home with Aria Dental Perth WA, as we provide a high-quality dental experience for all clients. If you need dental implants or crowns, support with your oral health, or just want to improve your self-confidence, Aria’s Prosthodontist Perth can help. At Aria Dental in Perth, our prosthodontic treatments are designed to restore or replace your teeth’ natural function and appearance. So, if you’re missing teeth or have complex oral health issues with broken or worn-down teeth, Aria’s Prosthodontist is precisely who you need to see. And no referral is required. We welcome patients from all suburbs, such as West Perth, South Perth, North Perth, and regional areas.

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