Gone are the days of ugly silver dental fillings.

Today, we can beautifully restore your smile with a variety of white dental filling options.

White dental fillings can be used to replace existing traditional silver fillings, but can also be used to improve the colour, shape, or size of a tooth, close gaps between teeth and even fix a chipped or broken tooth.

For posterior (back) teeth, we use highly durable ceramic fillings which can withstand wear and tear. While for anterior (front) teeth, often composite resin fillings are all you need.

Dental fillings are less expensive and more conservative than dental crowns, so are an excellent alternative for those requiring a quick and non-invasive repair – with the added bonus of not damaging the hip pocket!


How does it work?

The procedure for inserting white fillings is quick and painless. Tooth-coloured resin is built up in your tooth, one layer at a time. Each layer is hardened with a special blue UV light before the next layer is applied.

The larger the space being filled, the more layers it will need, but most treatments can be completed in around an hour. Once filled completely, the filling will be shaped to fit in with your natural bite and polished to match your smile.

White fillings can be expected to last for several years. It will discolour as any normal tooth would from drinking caffeine, red wine, tea or other foods and drinks which stain teeth, so make sure you look after them.

Regular check-ups can prolong the life of your white filling and keep it invisible and clean for a whiter and better smile. They can also be patched and redone to match the rest of your natural teeth as you age.

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Ceramic fillings

Also known as inlays or onlays, ceramic fillings are highly durable, long-lasting tooth restorations. They are incredibly lifelike and can be carefully colour-matched to a shade just like your teeth. Ceramic fillings are made of porcelain – similar to porcelain veneers or high-quality crowns – and are already hard when inserted into the cavity. They are cemented and bonded in place.


  • For posterior (back) teeth subjected to a lot of wear and tear
  • Where aesthetics are extremely important
  • To cover large cavities
  • When a long-lasting solution is preferred

Composite resin fillings & bonding

The composite resin filling is inserted in place while soft and then hardened and bonded in place under blue light exposure. While not as long-lasting as ceramic fillings, composite resin is inexpensive and can be used in the following ways:

  • Repair small chips
  • Make changes to the shape of your teeth
  • Repair tooth wear
  • Fix minor spacing irregularities
  • Repair fractures
  • Fill holes through dental decay