Our Guide to Buying Teeth Whitening Kits

If you’ve spent time on social media, you’ve probably seen influencers advertising for teeth whitening products. Whether it be charcoal scrubs, LED lights, or a DIY gel kit, you’ve probably seen it all and feel like ‘everyone’s doing it’. But before you believe everything on social media, there are a few things you should know learn about teeth whitening kits sold online.

What to know before you buy:

What chemical ingredients are in the kit? Are they safe?

When buying products recommended or advertised on social media, people often assume that they must be ‘okay’ – but who really finds out what is in it, before you go & put it inside your mouth? Most online whitening kits use a basis combination of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and sodium chlorite. Where dentists use hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, both are well researched, are safe and clinically proven to actually break down stains.

How much active ingredient is in the kit?

Most online teeth whitening kits only contain 8-9% of the active ingredient. As a comparison, whitening toothpastes contain 2%. Our Aria Dental whitening kits are stronger, containing around 12%. In Australia, only dentists can use higher concentrated bleaching solutions for in chair treatments which contain around 30% of the active ingredient

How well do the trays fit?

Our dentists at Aria Dental will make you a custom set of trays, after a 3D digital scan. You will receive a separate top & a separate bottom tray, you can wear together or just one. Your tray will be totally moulded to your teeth and stop at the gum line. This ensures that the solution gel gets placed evenly across the surfaces of your teeth and none touching your gums. Online kits use a mouldable mouthguard, that you shape yourself in hot water. These don’t allow for a smooth coverage, allows for gaps, parts to be over bleach areas giving you’re a spotty finish.

What’s with the UV light?

Some dentist may use a UV lamp in the clinic to help activate the solution treatment, reducing your time spent in their chair, but they will use special guards to protect other parts of your mouth, like your tongue & gums from the excessive UV exposure. Online kits don’t come with those safety measures. Online UV lights (or usually just blue coloured LED lights) also dry out your teeth, which will give you a false result. As your teeth rehydrate, they will lose their ‘dry shine’.  At Aria Dental, with our in chair and our professional home kits, we don’t use a UV light. This ensures that you see real whitening results, in real time.

No. It won’t last forever!

Teeth whitening kits generally take around 2-3 weeks to work and will only keep your teeth whiter for between 1-3 months (dependent on your diet, consumption of red wine, coffee etc). Most online kits will provide you with around 4x syringes of solution. This will last you about 3 weeks, requiring you to buy more product to maintain your smile. At Aria Dental, our professional teeth whitening kits provide you with 10x solution applicators. This ensures you get the results you want and can then maintain the look for a reasonable period of time.


Check out more information and pricing on Teeth Whitening at Aria Dental or if you are looking for a more permanent ‘white teeth’ solution, you are best to learn more about the different options of dental veneers at Aria Dental.


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