If you have missing teeth, your dentist may occasionally suggest a dental bridge. Bridges are not created as often, these days, but they are still sometimes a preferred solution, if for example, dental implants are not an option.

A dental bridge is secured in place by the teeth on either side of the gap. Usually, these teeth are secured by a dental crown, and so the procedure is often recommended when the dentist feels that the adjacent teeth would benefit from the protective coverage a crown provides.

If the adjacent teeth in question are completely healthy, however, a dental bridge is a less desirable option as it would be necessary to grind down the enamel of perfectly healthy teeth to place a new dental crown  (to work as an abutment). Once your enamel has been ground down, it doesn’t grow back. Therefore, you will always need to have some type of protective crown placed on top of this tooth.

At Aria Dental, all bridges are created in-house. We first create an impression of your mouth, then carefully craft a bridge to match the colour, size and shape of your teeth perfectly. Once anchored on your two adjacent teeth, the bridge should blend in and look exactly as the same as your existing teeth. No more missing teeth!


Dental bridge procedure

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There are two types of tooth-supported bridges

1. Resin-retained bridge

A resin-retained bridge would be created:

  • When there’s not enough space for an implant
  • On a young patient
  • When the adjacent teeth are in good health. This can be used as a long term temporary or provisional bridge

Resin-retained bridge have an unpredictable longevity and so are seen as a long-term provisional restoration when the highest level of aesthetics is necessary – such as replacing a single anterior (front) tooth when the patient is still going through their developmental years.

2. Fixed three-unit bridge

A fixed three-unit bridge would be created:

  • When the adjacent teeth would benefit from full crown coverage
  • If a dental implant is not suitable to replace the missing tooth, e.g. there is not enough space


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