How do I take care of my dental implants?

Implant care and maintenance are not difficult. It simply involves establishing good oral hygiene habits.

Just like looking after your natural teeth (or anything important to you), looking after your implants takes a bit of love and attention. But you need to look after more than just the implant itself. To get the most longevity out of your implants, it’s essential you commit to a regular maintenance routine.

Caring for your dental implants isn’t simply about just ‘implant cleaning’ or looking after the replacement tooth itself. Certainly, implants need cleaning, but protecting your implants involves maintaining good oral hygiene.

“Dental implant maintenance is not difficult, but it is imperative.”

Good oral hygiene involves caring for your mouth and gums, as these are what hold your implants in place. If you fail to do this, the gums surrounding the implants can develop a buildup of bacteria and, even worse, infection. Infection can jeopardise the bone tissue surrounding the implant, which can cause you to lose the implant altogether.

Implant care and maintenance

In theory, dental implants should last a lifetime with the correct care and maintenance. Your implant dentist will help ensure you keep your mouth healthy, but daily implant maintenance will be left for you to do at home. Here’s what you can do to make sure your implants and replacement teeth last.

Interdental brushes

– Make sure you include interdental brushes as part of your dental implant maintenance routine. These small brushes can be used to remove pieces of food and plaque from around the sides of your implants to reduce chances of gum disease.

Flossing and brushing

– As with your natural teeth, regular flossing and brushing is an essential step in ensuring your dental implants remain in check. This cleaning will help you avoid a build-up of plaque and should be done at least twice daily. Pay special attention to areas such as the sides of your implants, as this is where food and plaque often build up.

Regular dental visits

– Commit to regular dental check-ups and hygienist appointments. This will help your dentist monitor the progress of your implants while giving your replacement teeth the professional clean they need.

Listen to your dentist’s instructions

– Most importantly, listen to your dentist’s advice on how to maintain your dental implants. Whether it’s avoiding certain foods during the healing process or following a specific cleaning routine, your dentist’s advice is imperative if you want to keep your implants for as long as possible!


– Combined with regular flossing and brushing, antimicrobial mouthwash will help you reduce and eliminate bacteria building up around your teeth implants.

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