All on Four - What Does the Procedure Involve?

At Aria Dental, we offer the All on Four procedure, an innovative technique for immediate teeth replacement or denture replacement.

This procedure has a shortened treatment time, allowing you to have a full set of long term provisional replacement teeth that are fixed to your mouth within 24-48 hours.

The teeth look good, feel good, and enable you to enjoy all the foods you desire.

What does the procedure involve?

The first appointment involves a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health.

We carefully assess your suitability for the All on Four procedure and discuss any concerns you may have.

Every individual is unique and we make sure that the advice and recommendations we give are appropriate for each individual, both clinically and financially.

After your consultation, we will require diagnostic records to be able to accurately plan your treatment.

This involves taking impressions (moulds) of your teeth to construct study models, a radiographic and surgical guide, intra-oral and extra-oral x-rays including a three dimensional CT scan, and clinical photographs.

This will allow your dentist to diagnose if there is enough bone length, width and density to securely place the dental implants. This information is critical in planning your treatment.

Once all the plans for your treatment have been completed you can be scheduled for an additional consultation to ensure you understand the advantages and limitations of the proposed procedure and surgical dental implant placement.

We offer a range of sedation options to ensure your comfort during the dental implant placement appointment. The dental implants are able to be placed into the jawbone whilst you are “sleeping” and free of any discomfort. An impression will be taken once the dental implant fixtures have been placed.

After 12 hours, the teeth are “tried in” your mouth. They are only set in wax at this stage to assess the aesthetics, phonetics, interdigitation of the teeth, and overall appearance of the teeth in relation to your facial features. Changes can be made as required to maximise the aesthetics.

The provisional fixed prosthesis is now inserted and screwed onto the dental implants. You now have a full set of functional, attractive looking teeth!

Maintenance is the most important phase of any treatment plan. Careful assessment of the dental implants and prosthesis is required on a regular basis to ensure the treatment is free from infection and the prosthesis cleaned correctly.

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