Do you ever find yourself hiding your mouth or avoiding conversations with others for fear of showing your missing teeth? You’re not alone – around 35 million people are missing teeth in either one or both jaws. And for many of these people, tooth loss is impacting a lot more than just the appearance of their smile. The good news is, there are tooth replacement options out there for people missing single, multiple, or even all of their teeth.

Consequences of missing teeth

As well as impacting the appearance of your smile, tooth loss can take a huge toll on your self-confidence and the way you interact with others. Not only this, but missing teeth can also have consequences on the way you eat, speak and your overall facial structure. When missing teeth remain unreplaced for long periods of time, your jawbone lacks the natural stimulation it needs for bone growth. The result? The jawbone which once supported your teeth and facial features begins to dissolve, resulting in bone loss and changes to your facial structure. This is why many people with missing teeth take on a more aged look – they simply don’t have the same support from their jawbone. In some cases, severe bone loss can also impact your eligibility for dental implants further down the line.

Tooth replacement options

Luckily for people with tooth loss, dental procedures have evolved a lot over the past thirty years, resulting in today’s more advanced tooth replacement options. The three main options you have are dental implants, a dental bridge, and dentures. All three options have their pros and cons:

    • Dental implants: The most commonly preferred tooth replacement option is dental implants, whereby metal posts (generally made of titanium) are positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum. The titanium post will fuse with the jawbone to provide a stable base for the artificial tooth. Tooth implants are often the prefered option because they are designed to look, feel and function like natural teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, they can also halt bone loss by providing the stimulation the jaw needs for bone growth.
    • Dentures: Partial or complete dentures are another option for patients missing single or multiple teeth. These are a removable tooth replacement option that can be taken out for cleaning. Although not as stable as dental implants, dentures are individually tailored to your mouth and can present an alternative option for patients with low bone density. The downside of dentures is that they aren’t anchored to your jawbone like dental implants, meaning chewing and speaking may take some practise. Your dentures will also need replacing periodically as your mouth changes over time.
    • Dental bridges: Dental bridges have long been considered a common tooth replacement solution. As opposed to tooth implants, bridges are fixed to (and supported by) adjacent teeth. This can be a disadvantage if those natural teeth are healthy, as they may require reducing to support the replacement tooth. However,  bridges can enhance your cosmetic appearance and may be more suitable if your surrounding teeth have fillings or require further dental work in future.
Barry from coles smiles
Barry from Perth WA received a dental implant solution from Aria Dental Zaninovich & Associates

Talk through your options with Aria Dental

If missing teeth are taking a toll on your confidence and social life – don’t let them. The prosthodontists and dentists at Aria Dental in Perth offer a range of dental implant services for individuals with single or multiple missing teeth. From full mouth rehabilitation to single implants, our specialist Perth dentists can help you find a functional tooth replacement solution that suits you both aesthetically and financially.

To organise a consultation, get in touch with our Perth dental clinic today via the Aria Dental website.

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