Does the thought of going to the dentist send a shiver down your spine? Many people have deep-running fears around getting a dental check-up and end up in horrible pain while trying to avoid the necessary appointment. It could be a recent painful visit or a childhood experience of the dentist’s chair that might cause you severe anxiety

But we have good news!

Gone are the days where you must suffer through poor dental health because of your reluctance to see a dentist. There are a variety of sedation options ready for you to explore – whether it’s for a simple filling to calm your crippling nerves or more powerful sedation to see you through more extensive dental treatment.

Sedation for minor treatment.

At Aria, oral sedation is available to those who are very nervous about small procedures or appointments – even for simple treatments like fillings. Oral anti-anxiolytic medication assists in relieving anxiety about dental treatment and does this without the use of intravenous needles or tubes. The drug is in the form of a small pill and will make you feel drowsy and has a similar effect to amnesia, so you may not remember much about the procedure. Once comfortable and completely relaxed, our experienced dental team will complete your treatment.

Sedation for major dental treatment and surgery.

Patients requiring dental surgery may choose either oral anti-anxiolytic medication or IV (Intravenous) sedation. Patients who have a significant dental phobia or who are on several medications may benefit from IV sedation.

IV sedation is also known as “sleep dentistry“, “twilight sedation” or “conscious sedation.” The sedative drug is delivered through an injection and is administered by an expert medically-trained doctor. IV conscious sedation is an effective technique for managing moderate to severe dental anxiety.

While not as readily available in most dental clinics, it is a valuable tool for ensuring complete relaxation during a procedure that you may not ordinarily have had done due to extreme fear.

During the procedure, your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and breathing are closely monitored. Although you may feel as though you are sleeping, you are still conscious and able to follow instructions. However, you are unlikely to remember anything about the procedure.

Dental Anxiety | Sedation Density and Sleep Dentistry Options | Aria Dental

What is best for you?

Depending on your treatment and your level of fear or anxiety, the summary of your options are as follows:

  • No sedation or only local an aesthetic: For minor and straight forward surgery and no phobia or anxiety
  • Oral Sedation: Ideal for most cases and particularly if you have any phobia or anxiety
  • IV Sedation: For major surgery like removal of a full arch of teeth and extreme phobia or anxiety

At Aria we are happy to discuss all these option in detail with you to help you feel calm and comfortable. All you need to do is ask. If you are anxious about treatment, discuss your fears with your dentist so we can make sure you receive an anxiety-free experience and get you back on track with your dental health.

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