Same Day Teeth™ Clinic in Perth

Aria Dental offers the ‘Same Day Teeth™’ service for your dental implant solutions to replace one, several or all of your missing/broken teeth or your removable dentures within 24 hours of implant placement.

Our Same Day Teeth™ Offer

The Same Day Teeth™ procedure is offered to patients desiring dental implant procedures. Our aim at ‘Same Day Teeth™’ is to provide clients with a service to replace missing teeth within 24 hours of implant placement. We stand by our philosophy to provide clients with exceptional service with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

This revolutionary process is performed and supported by our team of dental specialists providing world class specialist dental care noting that:

  • Dental treatment is completed to the highest standard by our dental specialists
  • Our on-site dental laboratory and team of specialist prosthetists fabricate exceptional quality prosthetics within 24 hours of implant placement and often on the same day
  • The number of surgical interventions are minimised
  • Simplifying the procedures and shortening the time of the restoration procedure
All on 4 dental implants

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Overview of Same Day Teeth™ Process

Advancements in dental implant therapy has greatly reduced the time required to complete treatment.

Previously when a tooth was removed the extraction site could take up to six months to heal prior to the placement of the titanium implant fixture. Once placed a further six months was required for the implant fixture to integrate with the bone providing a stable ‘root’ for the crown, bridge or full arch implant-supported prosthesis to be fitted.

Advances in surgical and reconstructive techniques means our specialist dental team at ‘SAME DAY TEETH™’ can provide you with teeth on the same day as the implant surgery, reducing the number of visits required.

Prior to your surgery we will reserve time for a consultation appointment followed by a planning appointment designing your smile. By eliminating the waiting period between implant placement and the insert of the teeth we can greatly reduce any disruption to your daily life.

Because Quality of Life Matters

An important ingredient in a happy day is your smile. Replacing missing or compromised teeth will have a positive impact on your psychological health. Along with our aim to improve your smile, this treatment will improve the quality of your life from social interactions to enjoying a wide range of foods again, regaining your appetite for life!

Reserve time today for a complimentary consultation or enquire about the date of our next Information Evening to learn more about how ‘Same Day Teeth™’ can change your life!

Please note any surgical procedure carries risk. Before proceeding we recommend seeking a second opinion from a registered dental specialist.



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