How to care for your dental bridge

Use a floss threader to make bridge flossing easier and faster!

A dental bridge requires more care and maintenance than your natural teeth as you need to be able to clean underneath the bridge as well. A floss threader can be used to assist in pulling the floss through enabling you to clean adequately under the gums.

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Effective daily teeth flossing is the key to a beautiful healthy smile

Tips on how to floss your teeth

Most patients find it difficult to floss or have never been shown how to do it correctly. It also takes patience and practice! This short video presentation outlines the flossing technique and how to clean in between your teeth and under the gums. Only floss the teeth you want to keep!

We at Aria Dental Perth want to assist you in the maintenance of your teeth be they your own teeth or dental implants.

Our Recommendation

Aria Dental Perth recommends that you view all the videos in the preventative dentistry series. These are educational and will help you better understand what you need to do and what is best for your dental health.

Aria Dental Perth through their Prosthodontist, Dr Michael Zaninovich and general dentists provide a full range of dental services and will ensure that you have healthy teeth and a beautiful natural smile and what you need to do for it to stay that way.

So, contact us directly and make an appointment for an initial scale and clean and assessment. Healthy teeth are essential for oral health and maintaining your natural smile and well-being.