Easy Dental Payment Plan Options

Paying for your Treatment Plan

We recommend taking time to investigate your financial options before proceeding with your treatment plan.

Discuss your treatment with your Health Fund, your family and/or your trusted financial adviser.

When accepting your treatment plan, our Implant Treatment Coordinator will guide you through your treatment journey, including paying for your treatment and key payment dates.

Whether it is self-funded or third-party financed, we do require you to settle your account in a timely manner, in accordance with our payment terms.

50% – Deposit to secure your surgery appointment
30% – Due 7 days before your surgery appointment date
20% – Due on the day of surgery, on arrival, prior to treatment (or earlier)

Other – as advised during your consult appointment, should you require bone grafting or other additional treatment during surgery, you will be invoiced these costs post treatment with the expectation that it be settled within 2 business days.

Options to Fund your Treatment Plan


Afterpay – Pay for your treatment over four simple installments

Super Care

Did you know that you can apply for early release of your superannuation to pay for dental surgery?

Zip Pay

Borrow up to $10,000 interest free with $0 upfront


Ask about Aria Dental’s EZYPAY Direct Debit options

Benefits of a Dental Implant

  • A dental implant offers the most natural looking, feeling and functioning teeth result
  • Feels very similar to your natural teeth, similar aesthetics to natural looking teeth that allow you to eat all types of foods
  • The implant is fixed in your mouth which removes the mobility and discomfort that can occur with a removable options
  • Dental implants prevent adjacent teeth from moving, creating alignment problems
  • Dental implants stimulate and preserve the remaining bone unlike removable dentures which can cause bone loss
  • The positive psychological impact with the feeling of being truly rehabilitated – no more missing teeth!

How much is a Single Tooth Implant?

At Aria Dental, the price of an implant fixture, including the placement, the abutment and the crown starts from $3,750. Please do note, that the price of your specific single tooth implant may vary, as each individual has a different pathology and needs. For example, some patients might require a bone graft, while others might first need an old tooth extracted and some patients might opt to have full sedation. For an accurate free quote to match your needs, please book in for a complimentary consultation.

Read more about cost of dental implants here >

For an accurate quote, book a complimentary consultation at Aria Dental

Our dental implant services are used by patients from anywhere in Western Australia. With our Perth CBD location, we are particularly accessible for patients in West Perth, East Perth, South Perth, North Perth, Leederville, Highgate, Victoria Park, Shenton Park, Northbridge, Subiaco and surrounding suburbs.