Our caring and experienced Perth dental surgeons can safely and gently complete your wisdom teeth removal – and offer you a range of sedation options to keep you completely comfortable.

If you suspect or have been told that your wisdom teeth (aka third molars) need to be removed, it’s best to act sooner rather than later, before any problems develop. Younger patients’ teeth roots have not fully formed, and their surrounding bone is also softer, making wisdom teeth removal easier with fewer risks of complications and damage to nerves, bones and other teeth.


Why do we need wisdom teeth removal?

Over the ages, our lifestyles – and jaws – have changed. In caveman days, we had wider jaws to chew on far coarser foods that we eat today. By the time we had reached adulthood, we had worn away our molars allowing space for our wisdom teeth to come through. These days, our jawbones are smaller, and we haven’t ground our adult teeth away.

Today, many young adults (usually between 18 to 25 years) experience problems as their wisdom teeth try to push through their gums. As there is not enough space, the teeth become impacted and certain problems can develop such as:

  • teeth crowding & poor alignment
  • gum disease
  • infections
  • cysts and abscesses
  • pain and swelling

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Wisdom teeth removal cost

To find out the cost of your wisdom teeth removal, you’ll need to come in for an initial consultation where you’ll have an examination and an OPG x-ray.

Then, depending on whether you require a simple extraction (tooth erupted and is above the gum) or a surgical extraction (whereby a flap needs to be raised), the cost can range from $150 to $350*.
*Pricing information is up to date for 2021


If you have private dental health insurance, it’s likely you’ll get a portion of this cost back as a rebate. The rebate amount will depend on your level of cover. To determine what this will be, at your initial consultation, we’ll give you a complete treatment plan, including item numbers. We’ll then run your card through our HICAPS machine to determine exactly how much money you’ll get back.

Pain-free removal: sleep & sedation options

There’s no need to worry about pain with wisdom teeth removal. Aria Dental offers an extensive range of sleep or sedation options, ranging from light oral sedatives to relax you, to Twilight (IV) sedation, where you won’t remember your procedure. Speak to one of our caring, gentle dentists at your next appointment about our sedation options.

After wisdom teeth extraction

Following the removal of your wisdom teeth, you will be given oral and verbal post-operative instructions on how to look after the healing site(s). You’ll also be given analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication.

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the recovery time can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. Generally, swelling will reach a maximum after 2-3 days, and then slowly subside.

You may have dissolvable stitches in your mouth, and this will be reviewed at your post-operative review appointment.

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Choose the best dental clinic for your surgery

Aria Dental is a specialist dental clinic. All our dentists are thoroughly trained in current dental practices and have extensive experience in wisdom teeth assessment and removal.

Your first step

Simply book an appointment at Aria Dental so that our dentist can assess you, which includes taking a full mouth x-ray (OPG) before making an informed decision on the stated wisdom teeth and suggest plans of action.

Health insurance

Aria Dental is registered with all health insurance funds. After your initial consultation, you’ll be given a treatment plan with item numbers. If you’re insured, our receptionist will run your health insurance card through our HICAPS machine so you can see exactly how much will be covered by your fund, and how much will be remaining (the out-of-pocket expense).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wisdom teeth?
Also known as your third molars, your wisdom teeth are your four hind-most molars that usually appear between the ages of 18 to 25.
Where are my wisdom teeth located in my jaw?
Most adults have 32 teeth, including our four wisdom teeth. There are usually two at the upper back and two at the lower back of your mouth. However, they do not usually appear – or attempt to appear until 18 to 25 years of age.
How are wisdom teeth removed?
Wisdom teeth can be removed in a dentist’s chair or hospital. The way they are removed, and the time taken depends on whether your wisdom teeth have already erupted or not. If your tooth hasn’t come through the gum, the dentist or oral surgeon will make a small incision into the gum to access it. Often, the dentist will cut the tooth into smaller pieces to make removal easier and less traumatic to the tissues.
Is wisdom teeth removal covered by insurance?
Aria Dental is registered with all health funds. Depending on your level of cover, you may receive some money back from your health insurance fund. After your initial assessment, we’ll give you a treatment plan along with item numbers. Our receptionist will run your health insurance card through our HICAPS machine so you can see exactly how much will be covered by your fund, and how much will be remaining (the out-of-pocket expense).
Is wisdom teeth extraction covered by Medicare?
Wisdom teeth removal is not covered by Medicare. However, private health insurance rebates may apply.
Will wisdom teeth removal hurt?
We offer a variety of sedation and sleep dentistry options – as well as administer plenty of anaesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. Your dentist will discuss pain relief and sedation options with you.
How long does it take to recover?
After the removal of your wisdom teeth, your dentist may give you dissolving stitches which could take approximately 7– 10 days to dissolve. Your body will form a blot clot after removal which is a normal part of the healing process. Try not to dislodge this clot. For the first 24 hours after removal, avoid rinsing your mouth, drinking alcohol or smoking, drinking hot liquids or strenuous physical activity.
Does everyone need their wisdom teeth removed?
Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed; however, many do. For some, their wisdom teeth can push through without any problems of impaction or tooth crowding.
Are wisdom teeth bad?
Wisdom teeth themselves are not ‘bad’. Although, for a lot of people, they can cause nasty problems. Therefore, it’s essential in your late teens to have an x-ray and find out where your wisdom teeth are sitting and if they should be removed. Left undetected, they could become impacted and cause problems with infections, pain, swelling, gum disease or other issues.
How do I know if I have wisdom teeth?
The best way to know if you have wisdom teeth and where they are positioned is to have an x-ray. This will show if they are impacted or stuck under the gums and if they are likely to present any problems.
Can I wait a while before I have my wisdom teeth removed?
If you’ve been told that you need your wisdom teeth removed, we suggest you act sooner rather than later. The longer you leave them, the more difficult it is to extract them (as the tooth roots become more developed, and the jawbone harder) and the more chances you have of developing problems due to impaction.
How can I relieve wisdom tooth pain?
If you have wisdom tooth pain, consult your dentist as soon as possible. In the interim, you can rinse your mouth with hot salty water for 30–60 seconds throughout the day, apply a numbing gel-based product such as Benzocaine, or take anti-inflammatory tablets.