Do you have a broken-down and infected front tooth?

Don’t lose your front tooth, treat it now with root canal treatment

Root canal treatment involves removing all the infected tissue from the root canal and sealing the clean root space with a material called Gutta Percha. When a front tooth has had root canal treatment completed a crown is often required to protect the remaining tooth structure. A post and crown may also be recommended to retain and support the crown.

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Is your tooth able to be saved with root canal treatment?

If so, then treat it now before it becomes untreatable and requires extraction

Many people delay having root canal treatment due to the long association of it being painful and expensive. However delaying it can result in even more pain and expense! Five reasons not to delay root canal treatment include: root canal treatment relieves pain, stops the infection, helps fight disease, prevents further tooth damage and most importantly saves your tooth!

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Aria Dental Perth recommends that you view all the videos in the general dentist series. These are educational and will provide an understanding of the more common dental services and procedures and as it may apply to yourself.

Aria Dental Perth through their Prosthodontist, Dr Michael Zaninovich and general dentists provide a full range of services including preventative check-ups, scale and clean, tooth fillings and root canal treatment.

So, contact us directly and make an appointment for an initial scale and clean and assessment. Healthy teeth are essential for oral health and maintaining your natural smile and well-being.