As the festive season approaches, you’re probably already dreaming about the delicious foods you will be filling your jolly bellies with on Christmas day – unless you’re missing teeth, that is. If you’re dreading another year of covering your mouth when talking to family and avoiding your favourite foods from the festive feast, it may be time to think about tooth replacement options. Dentures and dental implants are two of the most popular tooth replacement solutions out there. The question is – which one is better? And most importantly, are there any restrictions when it comes to tucking into those Christmas goodies?

Eating with dentures

Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding gum tissues. Whilst sometimes a more suitable option for patients with low bone density or those opposed to oral surgery, this removable option can have its drawbacks when it comes to eating certain foods.

Avoiding hard foods – As opposed to permanent tooth replacement options like dental implants, dentures do come with a few food-related limitations. Individuals with dentures generally have to avoid hard and sticky foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, hard sweets, caramel, and popcorn.

Less chewing efficiency – Unlike dental implants, dentures aren’t directly anchored into the jawbone. This can result in lack of stability and comfort when chewing. Since dentures can’t halt bone loss in the same way as dental implants, your chewing efficiency may also be reduced over time due to gradual deterioration of the jawbone.

Less flavour – Since full dentures cover the palate of your mouth, they can reduce your ability to taste different flavours.

Risk of trapped food – As a removable tooth replacement option, it’s not uncommon for food to become trapped behind dentures. If you don’t clean and care for your dentures properly over time, this can lead to a higher risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Eating with dental implants

Unlike dentures, dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution that are anchored into your jawbone with a titanium post. So how does this option compare when it comes to eating your favourite foods?

No limitations – Whilst you may need to avoid hard foods and sweets during the healing period of your implant procedure, dental implants offer a stronger and more stable solution to dentures as they are actually anchored into the jawbone. This means you can eat your favourite Christmas foods with confidence (and without limitations!).

Restored chewing efficiency – Due to their resemblance to your natural teeth in both feel and function, dental implants can help restore much of your chewing efficiency, meaning you don’t need to worry about what you can and can’t eat.

Prevents bone loss – Unlike alternative tooth replacement options, dental implants can actually halt bone loss. Since they are anchored into the jawbone, tooth implants provide your jaw with the stimulation it needs for bone growth. This means you can look forward to eating your favourite festive foods for years to come!

Advice from your Perth dental specialists

If you’re considering a tooth replacement solution, the experienced dentists at Aria Dental in Perth can help you find the best solution to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our leading Prosthodontist and experienced dental team are committed to helping our patients achieve restored confidence in their smile.

For advice on your tooth replacement options, or to find out more about our dental implants, book your dental implant consultation at our Perth dental clinic today.

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