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Dr Kate Yap

Associate Dentist

Dr Kate Yap completed her undergraduate dental degree at the University of Western Australia in 2003. She has worked in the government dental health service in areas such as Rockingham, Ravensthorpe, Bremer Bay and Jerramungup and has extensive experience in treating adults and many children in a rural setting. Dr Yap has had the pleasure of working in a private practice in Karratha and Kalgoorlie and since then, has continued working in private practice in Perth.

Every cosmetic procedure requires the skills of an extraordinary doctor; one that is capable of delivering a high level of technical skills but also high levels of creativity and facial design. Your doctor must be able to envision how a patient’s face can be transformed by a cosmetic treatment and decide which treatment application will produce the desired results by the patient.

Dr Kate Yap is Aria Dental’s expert in facial cosmetic techniques and treatments. Dr Kate Yap completed her dental degree and after years of being a successful practicing dentist, Dr Yap combined her technical dental training and her keen eye for aesthetic procedures to better help her patients achieve the more youthful and beautiful looks they desired.

Book your appointment with Dr Yap to hear about your options on Botox / Anti wrinkle treatments, veneersteeth whitening and other cosmetic solutions. Dr Kate is based in our Perth CBD clinic, but can make visits to Midland by special request.


Muscle Relaxant Injection Treatments

With training, dentists qualify to administer muscle relaxants to the face, due to their superior knowledge of facial anatomy. If you’re suffering with bruxism, TMJ dysfunction or are searching for a way to remove your gummy smile, muscle relaxant injection treatments will greatly improve and potentially even eliminate the conditions.

At Aria Dental, Dr Kate uses muscle relaxant injections to treat several medically-related dental issues. Teeth grinding and other problems relating to the jaw can be managed with muscle-relaxant injections. Relaxing the muscles in the jaw can alleviate pain caused by overuse. The following are the most treated with cosmetic injections – TMJ dysfunction, bruxism and gummy smiles.