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Aria Dental Perth uses the services of a leading Master Ceramist, Cosimo Petrucci, whose craft and expertise compliments and supports the specialist services provided by the practice.

Cosimo Petrucci

Our Principal and Prosthodontist Dr Michael Zaninovich is proud to work alongside Cosimo Petrucci, whom he believes to be an exceptional Master Ceramist of the highest calibre. Cosimo has a complete understanding of the art and science of Dental Technology, allowing him to individualise and precisely craft every creation and restoration he produces.

Born in Italy, Cosimo graduated as a dental technician in 1985. He opened up his own dental laboratory in 1989, which he successfully managed until 2014 when he relocated to Perth, Australia.

In 1998, he began using Nobel Biocare CAD CAM based technology. He has published three articles regarding CAD CAM techniques in the Quintessenza Odontotecnica. This publication is the leading monthly journal dedicated to innovation across all areas of dental prostheses, implants, aesthetics, orthodontics and management of dental laboratories. Throughout his career, he has kept up to date with advances in the industry by attending courses taught by leading experts such as Alwin Shoenenberger, Aki Yoshida, Hannibal Alonso, Gerard Chiche, Ernst Hegenbarth, Giulio Preti, Loris Prosper and Ettore Morandini.

We have to know Prosthodontics. By all means you can do the most fantastic grafting, insert the most fantastic implants, but if the prosthesis isn’t good, what’s the point?

Dr Morton Perel: Editor of the Journal of Implant Dentistry

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