Dental Laboratory

Aria Dental Perth is affiliated with Q-Lab Dental; a dental laboratory providing the best quality and highly aesthetic dental crowns, bridges and implant prosthetics.

Our dentists liaise closely with the laboratory’s dental ceramist and dental technicians to provide patients with the best technical support in the shortest timeframe. We also have a close relationship with several of Perth’s other leading dental laboratories which we utilise depending on the patient’s individual needs.

Commitment to Excellence

Cosmetic dentistry often requires the expertise of several clinicians including dental technicians to achieve an ideal result. Experienced technicians and ceramists work side by side with the dentist allowing direct communication with the patient.

Patients who have cosmetic dental treatment often seek the services of an experienced dentist. However, what they may not realise is that the outcome of their aesthetic treatment is not only dependent on the expertise of the dentist, but also that of the dental technician or ceramist who is completing the technical work.

The experience and artistic finesse of the dental technician plays an extremely important role and contributes significantly to the final aesthetic result.

Improved Patient Service

Having a dental technician readily available reduces the number of appointments required. Patients with highly aesthetic dental procedures are able to have their treatment completed with fewer appointments as the technician is able to assess and modify the work together with the dentist at the same appointment.

The majority of prosthetic or cosmetic dental work requires several appointments which involve both the dentist and the technician. This results in the patient attending multiple appointments whilst the dental prosthetics is being transferred back and forth from the dental surgery to the laboratory. Essential aesthetic factors and ceramic individualisation such as minor colour changes and characterisation can often take an additional week to be completed. Working with Q-Lab Dental eliminates the time it takes between appointments and reduces the overall treatment time.

Meet the Q-Lab Team


Cosimo Petrucci

Dental Lab Director

Danila Mastore

Dental Lab Manager

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