Secure your Denture with Dental Implants

Replace all your missing teeth with an implant-supported overdenture

A full bar implant denture is an implant-supported overdenture, whereby dental implants are used to secure your denture in place. Imagine how much better you would be able to eat, speak and smile if your denture did not move around so much in your mouth or rub up against your soft tissues!

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Do you have multiple missing teeth?

Do you want to get rid or your partial denture?

Both removable partial dentures and dental implants can replace multiple missing teeth. However dental implants are a more definitive solution which is more economical in the long term. They do not have clasps that need tightening or sore spots that need adjusting. They are fixed in your mouth meaning they do not move around like partial dentures making it easier to eat, talk and smile with confidence.

Our Recommendation

Aria Dental Perth recommends that you view all the videos in the dental implant series. These are educational and will provide an understanding of dental implants and as it may apply to yourself.

Aria Dental through their Prosthodontist, Dr Michael Zaninovich is a leading Dental Implant Centre and patients are referred to the centre from Perth, the Metropolitan Area and from anywhere in Western Australia.

You may also contact us directly and make an appointment for a free comprehensive dental implant consultation and assessment and find out what dental implants can do for you.