Fear of the Dentist

Why is sleep dentistry so popular? For some people, a dentist’s appointment can create stress and anxiety. According to a 2010 Australian study from the University of Adelaide, “The Extent and Nature of Dental Fear and Phobia in Australia, “high dental fear and dental phobia are common in Australia.”

Stress and anxiety before and during a dentist visit can be the result of a negative experience or because you feel like you’re going to gag during the consultation. Dental fear and anxiety may also be a psychological experience related to feeling like you’ve got no control when you’re in the dentist’s chair. The smells and noises from the dental equipment may also exacerbate fear and anxiety.

Dental anxiety can lead to people delaying or avoiding dentist visits resulting in poor dental health. Regular dental visits are important, as serious medical conditions including heart disease and diabetes have been linked to poor dental health.

If your gums or teeth are unhealthy or infected, bacteria can enter your body and have a negative impact on your general health. This can result in a more complicated and expensive treatments being required when you do visit the dentist. People with high dental fear may require more time in the dentist’s chair which only adds to their stress.

To help support people with dental fear and anxiety, Aria Dental offers sleep dentistry. With no noises or pain, your dentist visit involves gently drifting into a peaceful, deep sleep. In the luxurious surroundings of Aria Dental, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a spa treatment rather than a dental clinic.


What is sleep dentistry?


Aria Dental’s sleep dentistry removes dental fear and anxiety in a caring and luxurious environment. Our highly trained and experienced dentists offer a range of stress-free sleep dentistry options.

Our range of sedation options includes light, oral (anti-anxiolytic) medications that soothingly relax you to intravenous sedation where you’ll enter a deeply relaxed state and have no memory of your dental treatment afterward.

At your consultation, your Aria dentist will outline the sleep dentistry options available so you can decide on the best treatment option.

Aria Dental can perform a range of dental treatments including dental implants, general dentistry (tooth extraction, preventative dentistry, and root canal therapy), and cosmetic dentistry (veneers, dental crown, dental bridge and socket reconstruction).

During your sleep dentistry at Aria Dental, our caring nurses will be by your side to listen, care for, and support you. In our luxurious recovery room, you’ll be closely monitored before being discharged into the care of a friend or family member who will need to drive you home and stay with you for the rest of the day.


4 benefits of sleep dentistry


If you’ve experienced fear or anxiety about your dental visit, sleep dentistry may be a helpful option. Aria Dental patients enjoy the following benefits from sleep dentistry.

1. Saves time and money

For patients who need to have multiple or complex dental procedures performed over several dental visits, sleep dentistry is a good option. Sedated, complex dental procedures can be completed during one appointment, saving you money and time.

2. Bypasses physical issues

For patients who are noise sensitive, hate the smell and sound of the drill, or have a strong gag reflex, sleep dentistry is ideal. If you experience fear and anxiety prior to and during your dental visit, sleep dentistry ensures you’re relaxed and comfortable.

3. Can result in better quality dental treatment

If patients experience gag reflexes or are uncomfortable in the dentist’s chair, dental treatment can be challenging to perform. During sleep dentistry, your Aria dentist can perform at their best without worrying if you are feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

4. Ideal for patients with phobias or psychological concerns

For patients who suffer phobias, sleep dentistry is an excellent way for them to get quality dental treatment in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Sleep dentistry is ideal for patients who require invasive work (oral surgery and tooth extractions) or who require time-consuming dental treatments.

With little to no memory afterward, you’ll feel like you’ve been asleep for a few moments instead of having sleep dentistry for a few hours.


Sleep dentistry at Aria Dental

Aria Dental is one of Perth’s leading dental practices assisting patients with dental fear and anxiety. Our experienced team of dentists and nurses provide sleep dentistry solutions in luxurious surroundings. Book your initial appointment at Aria Dental today. You can learn more about options on our Sleep Dentistry page.



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