The 4 Top and Best Dentists in Perth

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Located in Perth CBD, Aria Dental is one of Perth’s best dental practises specialising in dental implants. Principal dentist, Dr Michael Zaninovich is a highly accredited member of a wide range of prosthodontic and dental implant associations across Australia and internationally.

Aria Dental maintains a specialised clinic that aims to provide high quality and professional dental care to patients. Aria works hard to maintain a positive and comfortable environment for all patients no matter how they might feel about dentistry.

best dentists Perth Aria Dental is specialised in dental implants. Screenshot was taken 17/1/18

best dentists Perth Aria Dental is specialised in dental implants. Screenshot was taken 17/1/18

The clinic has a client-focused, individualised approach that serves to give special attention to every one of their patients. The modern facility has a luxurious waiting area with comfortable lounges and state of the art televisions.

The advanced technology at Aria Dental is not just limited to the waiting area; with the clinic maintaining the most technologically advanced equipment available for dentistry. This abundance of high performing technology allows the Aria team to deliver optimal results to patients.

Every treatment room has a large TV which patients are able to take advantage of during their procedure. For anyone who has dreaded staring at the ceiling during a visit to the dentist, it will come as a nice surprise to be able to enjoy some light entertainment that relaxes you during the procedure.

Aria acknowledges that many people don’t enjoy or are downright unenthusiastic about taking a visit to the dentist. With a combination of ambient lighting, scented air and relaxing music, Aria has worked hard to make the experience as pleasant for patients as possible.

Aria is great for specialist dentistry services like dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, dentures, mouth reconstructions and tooth wear. While offering state of the art general dentistry Aria has a reputation for delivering high-quality specialist work.

This practice is clear in the philosophy behind the work it does, valuing the importance of not only healthy teeth but the positive impact of cosmetic work. Aria believes that the self-esteem boost of having a beautiful smile is just as important as the functionality of the teeth themselves.

Aria knows that health and beauty go hand in hand when it comes to dentistry. They use this knowledge to design a clinic that understands the transformative power of great dental work and delivers this to as many patients as possible.

With a reputation for specialist services and a relaxing ambience, it’s no wonder that Aria is so popular with patients from every corner of Perth. This clinic is definitely high on the list when it comes to great dentists in Perth.

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