A Guide to HBF Dental Private Health Insurance Benefits

A Guide to HBF Dental Private Health Insurance Benefits for Dental Services in Western Australia

Private health insurance plays a crucial role in ensuring people have access to quality healthcare services, which includes dental care. In Western Australia, one of the leading private health insurers that Aria works with is HBF, which offers a range of coverage options and has special HBF dental service options for its eligible HBF members.

Preventative Basic HBF Dental Coverage

HBF dental basic coverage typically includes essential treatments and preventative care (your regular check-up and clean tooth insurance/ dentist appointment). This category of coverage often includes benefits for routine check-ups, dental examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatment, mouthguards, and x-rays. Basic dental coverage focuses on maintaining oral health and preventing serious dental issues. However, it does not cover more complex procedures such as orthodontics, major restorations, or cosmetic dentistry.

Restorative HBF Dental Coverage

Dentist insurances that covers minor treatments that fix common dental issues. These treatments can prevent more extensive procedures down the track. This category typically includes coverage for procedures such as simple dental fillings, wisdom teeth and extraction treatments.

Major HBF Dental Coverage

HBF’s major dental coverage is designed to provide benefits for more extensive treatments and dental procedures. Major oral coverage aims to address common dental problems that require professional intervention beyond routine care, such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, and root canals. However, coverage limits and HBF member wait periods do apply, so it is important to review the policy details on the ‘my HBF’ portal carefully. If in need, click the HBF contact us button and ask about an HBF item number check.

Implants & Prosthodontic Coverage

Prosthodontics focuses on the replacement or restoration of missing teeth with devices such as dentures, bridges, or dental implants. HBF’s prosthodontic coverage typically includes benefits for consultations, impressions, and the provision of these devices. However, the coverage may have restrictions on the type of prosthodontic treatments covered and the frequency of replacements. Visiting an HBF provider like Aria, we can help maximise your claimable benefits.

Orthodontic Coverage

Orthodontic treatment, such as braces or clear aligners, is commonly sought to correct misaligned teeth or jaw alignment issues. HBF offers orthodontic coverage (orthodontist insurance) as a separate category, which provides benefits for orthodontic consultations, HBF invisalign / Bupa Invisalign, diagnostic procedures, and teeth straightening treatment. Orthodontic coverage may have its own wait periods and lifetime limits, so it is essential to consider these factors when selecting your plan.

HBF Orthodontic treatment does have a lifetime limit; this is the maximum amount you can claim over the duration of your life with an HBF dental clinic, regardless of your HBF extra cover.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Does HBF cover cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening or veneers, are considered as elective treatments primarily aimed at enhancing the appearance of teeth. The HBF health insurance dental provider may offer, depending on your level of coverage, but may have limited coverage or no coverage from HBF for cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is essential to review your policy details to understand the extent of coverage for cosmetic treatments.

HBF Waiting Periods and Extras Coverage

HBF dental waiting period: It is important to note that waiting periods may apply to various dental treatments, HBF dental prices and services. These wait times are the initial periods after purchasing a policy during which the insured individual is not eligible for certain benefits yet, like HBF dental. These wait periods may vary depending on the insurance plan and the specific HBF dentist treatment. Additionally, extras coverage, which includes dental services, often has annual limits on benefits payable, so it is vital to consider these limits when assessing the suitability of a plan. Take the time to review to make sure your plan matches your and your family’s needs. Read the HBF dental fee schedule 2023 / HBF claim login. You may also see HBF promotion periods offering discounts or waving waiting periods for new patients hbf claims.

Aria and HBF Dental insurance logo

Aria Dental still accepts HBF Dental Insurance Members

All Aria Dental locations still work and accept HBF health and dental insurance. From 31 December 2023, Aria Dental will no longer be an “HBF Members Plus” practice. Instead, we are transitioning to be an independent dental practice, which will grant us freedom from the rules imposed by the private health fund. We understand that some of our patients have HBF insurance and still encourage them to come to Aria.

We want to reassure you that this little change will not impact the quality of care you receive or your out-of-pocket expenses for your major dental treatment – NO CHANGES for dental implant treatment or major dental treatments.

For our HBF insurance patients, we want to clarify how this small change will affect you:

  • There will be no changes to your rebate for the Major Dental category (this includes dental implants) or the General Restorative Dental category (for things like fillings & crowns).
  • Additionally, there will be no changes to your maximum rebate entitlement
  • There is a change in the HBF Rebate for Basic Dental Treatments / Preventative  Dental Category: this category only includes basic dental exams, cleans, mouthguards, and X-rays. So moving forward, this means the health rebate discount you receive will purely depend on your specific level of coverage provided by HBF. Previously we were required to charge a fixed amount (some items were higher than we liked, and yes, some were lower). Fortunately, these are just low-value treatments and generally not what patients come to Aria Dental for (as the dental implant experts).

Rest assured that Aria Dental will continue to provide top-quality care and more competitive/flexible pricing for your dental needs. HBF dentists continue to actively refer their complex cases to Aria Dental for specialist care.

HBF Dental Coverage

HBF private dental insurance offers a range of dental coverage options in Western Australia, catering to various HBF dental needs, like general dental vs major dental. Whether you require routine check-ups, want a hbf free dental clean, dental treatments, orthodontics, or prosthodontics, HBF provides different categories of coverage to suit your requirements. Click to find HBF dentists near me.

However, it is crucial to thoroughly review the HBF dental policy details, including waiting periods, coverage limits, and exclusions, to make an informed decision. There are lots of different health insurance providers, so make sure you pick the right one for you. If you want to know how to cancel HBF health insurance, click here. Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t cover dental.

By selecting the appropriate HBF dental insurance plan, individuals can gain access to quality dental services and better pricing and maintain their optimal oral health long term. (Note: exclusions apply). *Not to be confused with HBF home insurance. You can also call HBF directly to ask questions like “What does HBF major dental cover?”, “What is major dental?”, “What is the HBF wisdom teeth removal coverage?”or under your gap payment on a root canal cost perth HBF or under the HBF dental item numbers.

As an HBF Member Plus member, you can still book your comprehensive clean and examination by calling our Aria Dental Patient Services team on 08 9226 2135, and are welcome to ask for a rough price over the phone. We have locations at Aria Dental Maddington, Aria Dental North Perth, Aria Dental Midland, and Aria Dental Perth CBD.

HBF Members can book by calling our Patient Services team on 08 9226 2135.
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