Dental Payment Plans: Options for Major Dental Treatment

Dental Payment Plans and Dental Treatment

When it comes to major dental treatments, patients will often take advantage of different payment methods or a payment plan (or use a combination of them) to assist them with the financial affordability of major dental procedures.

You will need a treatment plan before you consider your dental payment plans. After your dental consultation, you will need to be provided with a detailed treatment plan. This will list all the dental treatment items you will receive, often planned in different stages. You can see your costs (partially and in total), understand what your private health fund will cover, and what out-of-pocket expenses you need to pay for.

Once you understand the financial commitment, you can start researching dental payment plans that suit your situation. It is important to understand credit checks, interest free periods, additional fees, interest, the monthly account fee, deposit requirements, flexible payment options if you are eligible, and how they relate to your particular dental payment plan.

Aria Dental has no financial affiliations or incentives with any financial providers.
We encourage all patients to seek appropriate financial advice when considering dental payment plans.

dental payment plans

Instant Dental Payments

The most convenient way to pay for your treatment is by cash, credit card (VISA, AMEX, Mastercard), debit card, or electronic bank transfer. At our clinics, we provide TYRO or HICAPS (Health Industry Claims and Payments Service) dental payment systems to our patients. With this service, you don’t have to pay for your health service in full and then complete a claim form for reimbursement. You can get your private health insurance claim processed on the spot at the time of payment by the health service provider, saving you from the hassle of any paperwork.

Private Health Insurance Coverage for Dental Treatments

Private health insurance for dental treatment provides eligible individuals with coverage (or partial coverage) for various dental services. You may also have additional coverage that goes beyond what may be offered by standard health insurance plans. These policies typically cover preventive care, such as routine check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays, and provide extras to cover more extensive procedures like fillings, extractions, and orthodontic treatments.

Private dental insurance can allow policyholders to choose their dentist and may provide financial assistance for routine and unexpected dental expenses. Coverage specifics vary among plans, so individuals considering private dental insurance should carefully review policy details, including coverage limits, waiting periods, and any exclusions. Overall, access to private health insurance for dental treatments aims to help individuals maintain good oral health by making general dental services more accessible and affordable.

Buy Now, Pay Later Providers

A Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) provider is a financial service company that allows consumers to make purchases and defer payments over time through instalment payment plans. Instead of paying the total price of an item upfront, customers can choose to spread the cost of their purchase over several instalments. Loan amounts can range from $500 up to $30,000.

Popular BNPL providers include companies like Afterpay, ZIP, and Humm. These services have gained popularity for offering consumers a convenient and flexible payment option, especially for online and large in-store purchases. Depending on the option you select, payment plans can include smaller flexible payment plans where you fill in a direct debit form (often with a monthly account fee) for your major dental work.

Patients need to be aware of the terms and conditions, including any potential fees or interest charges associated with using BNPL services, and their responsible use is crucial to avoid accumulating debt that may become difficult to manage.

Affordable Medical Loans

Using a specialised Australian finance company is worth considering. These lenders are focused on assisting you in obtaining a personal loan for medical treatments, including major dental procedures. As a finance company, a team of people will help potential patients through the process.

They offer loans ranging from $5,000 to $80,000, with terms that can range from 1 to 7 years. Please note that loans up to $63,000 are typically approved on the same day. The funds will be paid directly in one lump sum payment before the procedure. There are no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses, and interest rates are competitive. There are no penalties, and paying the loan early will reduce the interest payable.

No Medicare Coverage for Dental

Australia’s healthcare system is strong, but dental care is not covered by the universal Medicare program. Patients often query why Medicare doesn’t extend its protective cover over dental services.

Over the years, there have been differing viewpoints when it comes to the exclusion of dental services from Medicare coverage. Many politicians argue that dental treatment is mainly preventative and minor oral surgery, which can be managed by individuals through personal responsibility and by using private insurance options. They believe that people should take charge of their oral health. Unfortunately, it appears that this situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

First Nations Grants

Recognising the unique needs and challenges faced by Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, special independent Grant Groups and the State and National Governments have established various funding opportunities to supply oral health services among the different regional First Nation communities, such as those in Northern Western Australia.

Several special grant groups and foundations in Australia are dedicated to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in dental care. These organisations offer financial grants and dental funding opportunities that can be used by individuals, communities, and healthcare organisations working towards improving oral health outcomes. An eligibility criteria does apply to those looking to apply; you can read more here.

Early Release Superannuation

In certain situations, you can apply through the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to access your existing retirement funds from your superannuation fund. You may be able to withdraw money from your superannuation early, for instance, on compassionate grounds, specifically for medical expenses. This implies that you do not have any other means to pay for these expenses. The amount of super that you can withdraw is limited to the reasonable amount you need to cover the unpaid expenses.

Definitions of Compassionate Grounds by the ATO include needing money to pay for medical treatment, medical expenses, dental expenses, and medical transport for you or your dependent (including major dental like dental implants). Learn more here.

Dental Implants Price, Early Release Super for Dental Treatment

Free Dental Implant Consultations

At Aria Dental, we provide a free consultation for dental implants that covers your appointment, a thorough examination, and any required x-rays such as bitewing, OPG, CBCT/ 3D Bone Scan or other diagnostics needed by our dentist to create a comprehensive treatment plan. This service is completely free of charge and can save you up to $750.00 that other clinics may charge.

We offer this no-obligation teeth replacement consult service to allow patients to understand their oral health needs, see the range of options available, and understand the costs involved. Our dentists can assist by guiding patients through the process of the options and creating a treatment plan appropriate to their budget or financial timeline.

To book a complimentary dental implant consultation, call our Patient Services team to make an appointment in PerthMaddington, North Perth, Midland or Scarborough.

Your Treatment Plan

We strive to provide accurate treatment plans and costs, allowing you to prepare for your journey.

Our top priority is delivering high-quality dental care through professional, courteous, and honest service, fostering a confidential relationship between you and your dentist.

Our Aria team will provide treatment options based on your oral requirements and make recommendations for the best outcome to meet your needs. With this information, you can decide on your course of treatment.

Aria Dental. We can help.

We are committed to supporting our patients to be mentally and financially prepared for their treatment journey – and understanding your dental payment plans is an important part of the journey.

We always recommend that patients take their time to investigate their financial options before considering proceeding with any treatment plan. We encourage patients to discuss any dental payment plans accompanying their treatment plans with their health fund, their family or friends, or a trusted financial adviser.

There are multiple dental payment plans available for funding major dental treatments. Usually, patients explore different financial avenues and end up using a combination of them. Some of the popular methods include accessing personal savings, obtaining a personal medical loan, withdrawing funds from their or their partner’s superannuation, and opting for “buy now, pay later zero interest financing.” However, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully before deciding.

Once you are ready to go ahead, you can accept your treatment plan. Our Aria Dental Treatment Coordinators will guide you through your dental implant treatment journey, including payment options and key dates. If you would just like more information about dental payment plans, contact our Patient Services team.

Treatment Repayment Calculator

Your Aria Dental Treatment Plan Cost

$0 $100k


Your Savings &/or Early Release Superannuation

$0 $70k


Loan Amount Required from a No Interest BNPL Provider
(such as Afterpay, Zip, Humm)



How many months would you like to spread your repayment over?

24 months
1 month 40 months


Your Fortnightly Payments: $208.33

This figure is a guide only and doesn't take into account any third-party fees, charges, or late repayments.

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