Unlocking Affordable Dental Implants: Dental Implants Perth Cost

Unlocking Affordable Dental Implants: Dental Implants Perth Cost

When it comes to regaining your perfect smile and oral health, dental implants are often considered the gold standard. They provide a long-lasting, natural-looking solution to missing teeth and restore not just your appearance but your confidence as well.

However, we understand that the cost of teeth implants can be a significant concern for many prospective patients. Understanding the world of dental implants in Perth and building your understanding of the factors that influence the cost, is a crucial part of doing your research.

There are a lot of scams offering super low prices, Medicare-covered dental implants, or free implants for seniors. Unfortunately, these types of phishing advertisers pray on the vulnerable and those in need. If it is too good to be true, it likely is! Medicare doesn’t cover Perth dental implants. Replacing missing teeth is replacing parts of your body; as such, implant dentistry comes with costs.

Getting medical advice from a certified doctor, dentist, or specialist face-to-face is best. Beware of getting advice over the phone from a receptionist or treatment coordinator who are not certified medical professionals and should not be permitted to offer you specific treatment or medical advice to patients. At Aria Dental, our Patient Services team can provide you with some general direction and education, answer generic patient experience questions (not case or medical-specific), and offer you some guidance on price. This is because, without a proper assessment by an ADA-certified dentist, no one can determine your accurate medical requirements.

At Aria Dental, we understand people want to search and understand prices to help guide them and plan for their treatment. On our online platforms, we provide this as an approximate price. This may be a higher or lower price in your personalised final treatment plan (treatment quote), depending on your physical and medical needs – and the options you select. We offer realistic starting “from pricing” rather than providing false hope or raising patients’ expectations for cheap implants.  At Aria Dental, we take great professional care and skill in all of our implantology – and don’t offer low-quality alternatives or take medical shortcuts.

We don’t promote an all-inclusive package pricing – given that we prefer to provide our patients with several options and then assist them in deciding which options they would like. “Package pricing” is typically overinflated to ensure the quoted price covers ‘everything’ so the dentist doesn’t end up out of pocket by the end of your treatment. At Aria, your detailed treatment plan will have a final delivery cost (the total cost) and be broken down into the stages and procedures you will have. Aria Dental has no surprises in dental implant costs once you have your treatment plan. You know what you are paying for, and when payments are due, it is all explained to you. There is no hidden cost padding as you would find in a generic one-size-fits-all flat dental implant package cost.

Depending on your desired outcome, a basic replacement or ‘the best of the best‘, we’ll show you how Aria Dental can make this life-changing treatment more affordable than you might think.

Dental Implants Perth Cost

Understanding Dental Implants Perth Cost

Dental implant costs will vary depending on several factors, and as the patient, you will have a say in what you would like. Below we’ll break down some of these options for you:

Number of Implants

The first factor to consider is how many implants you need to replace your natural teeth. A single dental implant is generally less expensive than multiple tooth implants. Multiple tooth implants are cheaper than dental implant retained dentures. Dental implant-supported overdenture is more affordable than a full fixed implant bridge or gum set ceramic bridge. An All on 4, which has only four implants, is more affordable than a full arch rehabilitation, which may have 5 or 6 dental implants adding stability and strength. How many are needed/required and what product option you choose will determine the cost.

Materials Used

Dental implants are made of different materials, which can affect the price. The fixture can be made from different materials, with titanium dental implants being the most common. Some patients may require more specialised materials, like ceramic implants, which again will affect the cost.

If having a full arch replacement placed on dental implants, a bridge can be made from low-quality acrylic (resin/plastic wrapped metal frame) or from a porcelain ceramic material that lasts longer, is stronger and has a higher level of aesthetics. Depending on your selection, this will affect the price of dental implant treatment.

Preparatory Procedures

Some patients may need additional treatments before implant surgery, such as bone grafting or sinus lifts, which can add to the overall cost. Should you have had a denture or no teeth for some time, bone grafting is highly likely or the use of much longer, zygomatic implants. If you have gum disease or suffer from periodontal disease, this will need to be treated before you can start your dental implant procedure. Again, this is an additional cost often completed by a specialist Periodontist.

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees are another important component that can significantly impact the overall cost of dental implants and are often outsourced to a third party and, as such, attract a third party’s markup. These fees cover the fabrication of custom components, such as crowns, abutments, and prosthetic appliances/bridges, which are essential for the success and appearance of your dental implant treatment. The precision and quality of these laboratory-crafted components are crucial for a natural and long-lasting result. The complexity and material choice of these components can vary, influencing the associated laboratory fees you will pay. At Aria Dental, we have our own dental laboratory, Q-Lab, which services all of our Aria patients at a reduced/baseline cost.


The dental implant cost will vary from one location to another. This can depend on the clinic, as new or smaller clinics are costly, whereas large, established clinics can manage the costs of maintaining equipment, staffing and overhead expenses. The quality of the practice’s staff, or the number of them available to care for you, may also be a factor. If you are considering going overseas for cheap treatments due to their inexpensive labour costs, it brings about a completely different level of risk factors that you should independently educate yourself on.

Implant Dentist’s Expertise & Qualifications

When it comes to oral health care, there are several types of dental providers to choose from, each often with a different expertise. Two such types are general dentists and dental specialists. While both are trained to address generic issues related to teeth and gums, there are significant differences between the two. The experience and skill of the implant dentist vs a dental specialist can also impact the cost. More experienced specialist dentists may charge higher fees, but their expertise can result in better outcomes, quicker procedure times and fewer complications, saving you money in the long term.

Dealing with Complications

There are risk factors when having any surgical procedure. Complications associated with dental implants are no different. While dental implants are generally considered safe and successful, several factors can contribute to potential complications. Poor oral hygiene, pre-existing periodontal disease, or systemic health issues may increase the risk of infections, jeopardising the implant’s integration with the jawbone. Additionally, implant failure can occur if osseointegration, the process of the implant fusing with the bone, is compromised. Infection can be a concern, as the surgical placement of the implant creates an entry point for bacteria and does require care during your healing treatment journey. There is also a risk of improper surgical technique through the lack of skill and formal qualifications of your selected dentist. While no medical provider wants things to go wrong, there are always risks and complications with surgery. How that risk is minimised and/or then dealt with is something to consider – which is why Specialists in medical fields were developed.

3D render of zygomatic implants

Specialist’s Dental Implant Surgery

It’s essential to understand the distinction between a general dentist and a dental specialist when considering dental implant procedures. General dentists provide comprehensive dental care, including routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, and basic restorative work. They can also offer dental implants and have the necessary training for some implant cases.

However, dental specialists, such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons or Prosthodontists, undergo additional years of rigorous training and education specifically focused on complex oral surgeries, including dental implant placement. They possess a deep understanding of oral anatomy and surgical techniques, making them highly skilled in addressing intricate cases and potential complications. They also specialise in specific treatment types, further expanding their skill and experience levels with those particular treatments.

While general dentists can offer dental implants for more challenging cases or if you desire the highest level of expertise, consulting with a dental specialist is highly advisable. As such, general dentists are required to inform a patient to seek a dental specialist’s advice or seek a second opinion before proceeding with major surgery. Dental specialists are certified and identified as the most well-equipped to handle a broad range of dental implant scenarios, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients seeking dental implants in Perth.

Aria Dental’s Options: Affordable Dental Implants in Perth

At Aria Dental, we are committed to making dental implants accessible to as many patients as possible. We understand that the cost of dental implants can be significant and a roadblock, and that’s why we offer numerous options to make the treatment more manageable, such as:

Staged Payment System

You only pay for the work you are about to receive. Unlike some clinics, which require your full treatment payment upfront, Aria breaks your payments over your treatment period. This typically is the primary surgical stages and prosthesis placements. So, you can hold onto your money until a payment milestone is due. This gives patients control over their finances and can stage their treatment based on their life needs.

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer flexible financing options that allow you to spread the cost of your dental implants over time, making it more manageable for your budget. At Aria, we enable our patients to pay as they go, only requiring them to pay for the treatment stage they are about to complete, unlike other clinics that require 100% payment upfront. Spreading your payments over several months or over a year can make it more accessible for patients managing their finances. We also work with a selection of zero-interest finance and medical finance companies.

Early Release Superannuation

As an option, you or your dependant may be eligible for compassionate release of superannuation to pay for necessary medical treatment expenses from your super fund or your partner’s fund. It is very common for people to use some of their super to improve their health and wellbeing now, to avoid future medical issues or a reduced quality of life as they become older. The eligibility for compassionate release of super for dental implants in Perth is detailed HERE.

Private Insurance Assistance

Sadly, private health insurance has diminished over the years, with more health funds covering less of the treatment cost. Private health insurance will still assist you by offering treatment coverage, but it is dependent on your level of coverage &/or how long you have had the policy. Our team is well-versed in navigating different dental insurance policies and can help you maximise your coverage and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Upgrade Later

We offer flexibility with your treatment choices. Aria patients can upgrade their full arch bridge from acrylic to ceramic in the coming years at a discounted rate. This allows patients to regain their teeth and function now, within their current budget – and then look to upgrade their selected option later when they can afford to.

Competitive Pricing

Aria Dental is proud to offer fair and competitive pricing for dental implants without compromising on care or quality. Our experienced team uses the latest technology to ensure you get affordable dental implants cost and provide the best possible outcomes. Our in-house laboratory can deliver products of a higher quality for a lower price. The cost of dental implants is often down to the patient’s personalised treatment plan preferences (their personal choices), and our Aria team will guide you so you can achieve your desired results within your allocated budget. Dental implants are a fully customised product, and the patient’s input is a valuable part of the process and outcome. You can get some price guides on our dental implant services here.

In-House Laboratory

At Aria Dental, we have our own Perth Laboratory that provides the best craftsmanship while driving down costs to keep your laboratory costs as reasonable as possible. Our commitment to transparency means that we will always discuss laboratory fees with you during the initial consultation period, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the comprehensive cost of your dental implant treatment in Perth. Our in-house laboratory also allows for faster turnarounds and a quicker time to teeth, with everything created and made onsite by our devoted dental technician team. You will meet and speak to the dental technician team during your dental implant journey.

Convenient Locations

If you’re in Western Australia, in and around areas like the Perth CBD, Maddington, Midland, North Perth, Scarborough, or Warwick – Aria has dental implants services near you or one that is accessible. We have many patients from regional areas who take advantage of locations close to friends or family or just spaces that can accommodate families.

Your initial consultation will likely happen at your desired local location, with your major surgery completed at our Perth Dental Implant Centre in the CBD. You will return to your local Aria location for your post-surgical procedure and proper care.

No Obligation, Free Consultation – save $750.

No two patients are the same, and each individual requires their own specific medical care. As such, Aria offers a free initial consultation to assess your particular needs and provide an accurate cost estimate. This helps you understand the investment required for your unique case and can see all the different options available to you. You can then make an informed decision.

At Aria Dental, we offer patients a complimentary dental implant consultation, which includes your appointment, an examination, and any x-rays (be it bitewing, OPG, CBCT/ 3D Bone Scan) or diagnostics required by our team to complete your detailed treatment plan. This free Aria service can cost up to $750.00 at another dental clinic.

Our Philosophy

At Aria Dental, the art and science of practical dentistry come together to achieve high-quality, long-lasting results. Our philosophy is simple: we strive for excellence. We aim to provide the highest quality dental care in a positive environment and, by doing so, make a lasting difference in our patient’s confidence and quality of life.

At Aria Dental, we morally decided not to over-leverage and take advantage of our patients. We don’t promote our business through emotional videos and shocking/exploitative before and after imagery. We understand that we see people at their most vulnerable and lowest confidence levels. We care and respect their right to medical privacy and quiet dignity. Our business has been delivering high-quality implantology for just over a decade, and we can sustain our growing business based on our reputation, positive word of mouth, and advertising in the open marketplace. For those Aria Dental patients who have been kind enough to offer to share their stories on video or in photos, we do so with the utmost respect while they share their journey.

Aria Dental celebrated its 10th anniversary in January 2023, demonstrating our long-term commitment and success in providing dental implants to patients in Perth. Aria employs over 80 local employees in our WA family-owned business. Aria is not owned by a big insurance company and is not governed by stock prices or shareholder returns. We have over a dozen certified dental health providers across our locations, mentored and guided by our Dental Specialist and Principal Prosthodontist.


Aria Dental 10 Years

Dental Implants Perth Cost

We hope that you have taken some time to educate yourself on the future dental implant cost journey. It is a significant investment in your health and should be completed only after you have educated yourself and met with a number of dental providers. We understand cost is important, and some approximate ‘from’ pricing is below, which can be further clarified in your free dental implant consultation after the development of your treatment plan.

*Pricing is a guide only.

Need Dental Implants? Aria can help.

Being healthy and living well is important to every single one of us. It allows us to spend valuable time with family and friends and enjoy everything in life. Being able to talk, eat, laugh, chew and smile is a big part of this and should be cherished.

It can be easy for us to take our health for granted, to prioritise other things and to put off that treatment we know we need. It can also seem too big or hard, and the thought is to ignore it. Not fixing your medical problems now will only become worse and will likely require much more expensive treatment later, and potentially, the range of options that were available to you now will be reduced.

At Aria Dental, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy life. Our commitment to affordability and quality makes us the ideal choice for those investigating dental implants in Perth. We understand the significance of Google searches on “dental implants Perth cost” and are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to make this life-changing treatment a reality and within your budget.

For some, this may be a staged and longer journey, but at least you started! If you’re ready to take the first step towards regaining your teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact Aria Dental for a free consultation and some friendly advice.

Our dedicated team is here to help you while keeping the cost of dental implants in Perth within reach. Remember, your oral health is an investment in your overall well-being, and Aria Dental is here to help you every step of the way.

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