Dental Implant Travel Packages

Need Dental Implants, but don’t live in Perth? We can help.

Aria Dental’s Dental Implant Travel Package provides you with your dental implant treatment, all of your flights, accommodation, location transfers and post-surgery nursing care – all in one!

We are Perth’s leading Specialist led Dental Implant Clinic and a preferred dental destination for patients who live in regional WA.

We understand that having to travel for specialist dental surgery can be an additional headache. Aria Dental can assist you, by making your treatment journey even more stress-free by managing your dental implant travel arrangements.

What is included in your Dental Implant Travel Package?

  • Return flights, for your initial consultation
  • Multiple Return Flights, for all scheduled treatment visits
  • Luxury Transfers to & from the Perth Airport, your Hotel & Aria Dental appointments
  • Hotel Accommodation at The Sage Hotel in West Perth
  • Aria Dental’s Expert & Specialist led Dental Implant Treatment
  • 5-Star Post-Treatment Recovery Room Access
  • Overnight one-on-one monitoring by a Registered Nurse (for post-surgical appointments)
  • Feeling safe & cared for, if you are travelling alone

Why visit Aria Dental for Dental Implants?

We’ve created Aria Dental differently, all with you in mind.
A comfortable, special place, unlike any dental clinic you’ve ever visited.

We know that for some, visiting a dentist is not always pleasant, and can even be anxiety-provoking. At Aria Dental, as soon as you arrive at our reception, you are cocooned in a feeling of plush comfort. The whole Aria Dental premises have been custom designed with noise-cancelling acoustic features to ensure that you remain relaxed, calm and that your treatment journey remains private. Our amazing guest services and treatment coordination team is always there to assist you and make your treatment experience first class. Our highly-skilled, friendly and compassionate nursing team will guide and monitor you while in our care. The Aria Dental Implant Providers are trained to minimise any pain and discomfort during and after any treatment – while delivering you the best dental results. Post-treatment, you can relax in the Aria Dental recovery room fully fitted with large luxury recliners, comfy blankets, low lighting and aromatherapy to allow you to decompress.

If you are particularly nervous be at ease, as Aria Dental can offer a range of excellent sedation options to make your experience even more stress-free and comfortable.

But comfort doesn’t mean compromising on quality of care. Far from clinical, our five-star dental clinical rooms feature comfortable seating, calming music and ceiling mounted big-screen TVs making it more like a luxury lounge than a surgery. We use state-of-the-art equipment, latest technology and the most up-to-date advances in dentistry and patient care. Our strong relationship with Q-Lab Dental Laboratory (in the same building) allows us to deliver the hand crafted, custom-designed dental products at the highest quality standard, very quickly.

We also offer dental implants and other treatments for our clients who regularly smoke.

Travel Packages are 100% unqiue - so please contact our team so we can understand your requirements.
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