5 Dental Mistakes You Probably Don’t Know You’re Making

Are you making these dental mistakes?

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is not a good thing…

When it comes to taking care of our teeth, a lot of us (arguably not enough) know the importance of brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist. But sometimes, we do things – even supposedly good things – that could be harming our teeth. Here are five little beauties that may surprise you.

1. Brushing too often

You know that not brushing your teeth is bad, so logically, it makes sense that the more you brush them, the better, right? Actually, no. Too much brushing can damage your tooth enamel, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to decay. Best to stick to twice a day – and don’t brush too vigorously.

2. Grinding teeth or clenching your teeth

Clenching and grinding are common habits, especially at night, and you might not even realise you’re doing it. If you wake up with jaw soreness, headaches or other signs that you might be clenching or grinding, it’s a good idea to see your dentist. Continued clenching and grinding can lead to pain, cracked or broken teeth if left untreated.

3. Using your teeth as tools

Teeth are intended for biting food, not opening bottles, tearing apart packets or any other non-eating related activity. Using your teeth for purposes other than what they are intended for can cause damage and affect their appearance.

4. Using the wrong type of toothbrush

For the best results, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right toothbrush for your needs. This means one that’s comfortable to use, has bristles that are not too hard, and make sure you replace it regularly (every 4 -6 months) before it gets too worn.

5. Smoking

We all know smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know it’s also bad for your teeth? Nicotine causes tooth discolouration, and it also increases your chances of developing gum disease due to reduced blood flow in the gums. Smoking can also increase your risk of developing oral cancer.

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