Aria Dental’s Aim To Put The Smile Back Into Selfies

Our reward is literally putting smile back on people’s faces, showing off dental implants that not only look like but also function as natural teeth.
“We see patients get are new lease on life. They are eating what they like, taking selfies with their kids and walking around with big confidence miles:” said Dr Michael Zaninovich,

Dental implants have been around for 70-odd years as an evolving science pinnacle where the ceramic materials look even more natural than previous incarnations

– while improved bone grafting techniques have facilitated placements in areas that were previously not possible. At the same time, advanced surgical techniques and sedation during surgery provide less discomfort to the patient and we can now place temporary teeth on the healing implants, which certainly satisfies their concerns during the healing period in terms of aesthetics comfort and function.•

The good news for FIFO workers looking for treatment in a quick turnaround on their swing is that Aria Dental’s on-site dental laboratory provides efficient service to patients. Treatment is overseen by a Registered dental specialist prosthodontist supported by numerous dental clinicians with significant experience in the field of implantology.
And while FIFO workers may be constrained in remote are, as Aria Dental has developed Same Day Teeth, a time-saving dental protocol which expedites minimum downtime and a temporary aesthetic solution. Aria Dental also assists with flights, accommodation surgical requirements for those travelling to Perth for implant surgery.

Dental implants are strong and stay in place for years to come, giving the patient significant improvement to equality of life by restoring adequate masticatory functionality and aesthetics. Recipients are able to eat and chew better which promotes optimal systemic health. In fact, the function of implants comparable to natural teeth.

Having missing, broken or decayed teeth can have a huge impact on your life, physically and mentally. You can no longer enjoy the foods you love, you constantly feel self-conscious, most importantly – you no longer feel like you. Thankfully, Aria Dental is here to help. Aria Dental’s prosthodontic treatments such as dental implants are designed to restore or replace the natural function and appearance of your teeth. Our dental implants are precisely designed to give you a natural look and feel.

We understand that a trip to the dentist isn’t your priority when ‘at home·. Aria Dental’s Same Day Teeth is a revolutionary dental protocol that allows broken-down. damaged or missing teeth to be removed and replaced with implant-supported teeth in the space of a single day. You walk in with teeth and walk ouh teeth, all in the same day!

At Aria Dental, we have built an outstanding reputation as Western Australia’s premium dental clinic located in the Perth CBD. Led by Principal
Prosthodontist Dr Michael Zaninovich, internationally recognised for his skills and accomplishments in dental implantology, Aria Dental was designed to house a team of highly skilled and experienced dental implant health providers ready to help and care for you. To smile, eat and feel like you again, contact Arla Dental and book your complimentary Implant consultation today. To learn more visit

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