All smiles as tradie Brett Lee-Brown’s tooth wish granted

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ALL Brett Lee-Brown wanted this Christmas was his front tooth, after it was unexpectedly snapped off during an exploratory endoscopy procedure last month.

The distressed tradie’s wish has come true — a new tooth implant — after prosthodontist Michael Zaninovich read about his shock loss in The Sunday Times and offered to fast-track free specialist help.

As reported last month, Mr Lee-Brown lost an upper central incisor during a routine exploratory upper gastrointestinal endoscopy at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time, before Christmas and with my partner’s family coming from England — some of whom I’ve never met before — to stay with us,” the 46-year-old beamed.

“I was embarrassed about not having a front tooth.”

Bam bam: Brett Lee-Brown and prosthodontist Michael Zaninovich.
Bam bam: Brett Lee-Brown and prosthodontist Michael Zaninovich. Credit: The Sunday Times

Mr Lee-Brown, who couldn’t afford to fix his tooth, believed the ugly jagged base of the broken front tooth was costing him quoted work.

“We care about what we do for people and if you’ve got no front tooth it’s like you don’t care about yourself,” he said. “I felt like an absolute dreg and insecure.”

It took seven hours of surgery at Perth CBD’s Aria Dental Zaninovich & Associates for Mr Lee-Brown to have a prosthetic tooth made and fitted over the course of several appointments last week.

“I was totally amazed that someone would go to that extent — above and beyond — it’s breathtaking,” Mr Lee-Brown said.

“Michael’s done an amazing job — I can smile again!”

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