4 ways dental implants improve your quality of life

Dental Implants can be a lifesaver if you’re missing teeth

Our teeth are so important, as anyone living without them will attest. Quality of life, health, relationships, work, and social time, can all take a downward spiral without strong, functioning teeth.

Sadly, many people who need help with their badly damaged or missing teeth don’t get help. It’s well documented in the dental community that severely broken down teeth, missing teeth, dental pain, and uncomfortable removable dentures can have a tremendously negative impact on the social interaction of individuals, resulting in depression, avoidance behaviour, and overall withdrawal from life.

Dental implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement. Strong, lifelike, and long-lasting, they offer a level of function and, consequently, self-assurance you wish you’d known about years ago. Implants can improve biting efficiency, nutritional intake, aesthetics, stimulate the bone, and much more.

Tooth Implant Benefits

There are so many advantages to having dental implants. Here are a few of the best:

High success rate:

Dental implants have a high success rate of over 95%. However, before you proceed, a qualified implant dentist must thoroughly assess your medical history and oral health to ensure you’re an eligible implant candidate.


Providing you with effective care for your dental implants, they can present a long-lasting tooth replacement solution. While elements of the implants, such as the crown, may need replacing over time, your teeth implants could last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Supports bone growth:

If your teeth are missing, the jawbone can begin to deteriorate due to lack of stimulation, causing dissolution of the bone and facial structure. Since dental implants are designed to replace and mimic the tooth’s natural root, they can provide the stimulation needed for natural bone growth, preserving your natural jaw and facial structure. If you have some loss of bone, you may require some dental grafting.

Aesthetically pleasing:

If you’re seeking an aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement option, teeth implants allow you to control the width, length, and general appearance of the replacement tooth to ensure your new teeth implants better align with your aesthetic vision.

Better protection for surrounding teeth:

Unlike other tooth replacement options such as tooth-supported bridges, dental implants don’t require the reduction of surrounding teeth to support the new implant structure. While partial dentures can add pressure to the surrounding teeth and cause damage to gum tissue, dental implants can help preserve the natural teeth and gums by independently supporting the new replacement tooth. As with natural teeth, however, implants still require excellent maintenance and oral care through regular brushing, flossing and dental visits.

Natural appearance:

Tooth implants (via their attached ceramic crown, implant-supported denture or fixed bridge) have an incredibly natural appearance. Tooth implants are designed to look, feel and function like your natural teeth. As the titanium implant fuses with the bone (in a process known as osseointegration), much like your tooth root, you’ll be able to eat, speak and smile without worrying that your teeth will displace (as you might with conventional dentures).

Look good & feel better:

It’s that simple. A happier and healthier you is the goal. Tooth implants will help to initially improve and then maintain the youthfulness of your lips, smile and face.

When teeth break down and are removed but not replaced, the bone that holds the teeth begins to resorb and reduce in size and shape. Dental implants help with dental bone loss prevention which can reduce the appearance of aging. Without your natural teeth, the face appears collapsed and drawn, and the mouth appears to fall in.

Dental implants prevent this facial collapse as the implant fuses with the bone in the jaw (in a process known as osseointegration), so the bone remains active, and the face retains a fuller and less sunken shape. The procedure improves facial features by maximising soft cheek and lip support and will improve facial symmetry and proportions.

Improved mouth comfort:

Fixed dental implant solutions replicate the natural contours of the jaws and arch structure and will, therefore, be more natural and comfortable compared to removable plastic dentures or compromised and missing teeth. The dental implant prosthetics are fixed to the dental implant fixtures and don’t need any help to be kept in position from the surrounding body tissues, such as the tongue, cheek and lips. This means that the sensation is like having real teeth. Also, your surrounding muscles can relax more. Plus, you have no risk of your dentures jumping out your mouth when you laugh, cough or eat.

Dental implants prevent this facial collapse as the implant fuses with the bone in the jaw (in a process known as osseointegration), so the bone remains active, and the face retains a fuller and less sunken shape. The procedure improves facial features by maximising soft cheek and lip support and will improve facial symmetry and proportions.

Eat with freedom:

It’s Friday night. It is your wife/husband/best friend’s birthday. Not only have you spent the whole day mentally preparing yourself to socialise with a smile that embarrasses you, but when you look at the menu, a familiar sense of dread washes over as you realise there’s nothing you can eat. You order a bowl of chips, announce that you are not that hungry and silently sit, feeling sorry for yourself.

With dental implants, you have the freedom to eat and chew a complete range of foods. Now you can order a nice medium-rare steak or have a breakfast loaded with fibrous fruits, seeds and nuts. Aside from getting your bite back, more nutritious and healthy items can now return to your diet, helping to improve your health. Remember, the gastrointestinal tract system starts at the mouth. Effective chewing of food begins the process of effective digestion, which is why oral health is so important.

Improved oral health:

Broken down or decayed teeth and gum disease don’t provide any benefits to your oral and overall system health. Mouth infections and diseases are commonly pain-free, and patients are not aware of the damage the broken-down teeth are doing to their mouth, the surrounding bones and the overall system.

By removing problematic teeth, the issues of decay and gum disease are eliminated. While there is the benefit of the incredible aesthetic change, the most dramatic change will be the impact this will have on your oral and overall physical health. The importance of a healthy, natural smile is not to be underestimated. It has the power to change your digestive health, mental health and your self-confidence. Not only will your before and after pictures astound you, but a happier version of you is just one appointment away.

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