Cost of Dental Implants

How Much do Dental Implants Cost?

At Aria Dental Perth, we are mindful of the cost of dental implants and customise your treatment to suit you both clinically and financially. Our dental implants cost are value based and competitive.

The initial costs of dental implants are often on a par with those of a tooth-supported fixed bridge, but greater than the upfront costs of removable dentures. However, patients will also need to take into consideration the long-term value of different tooth replacement solutions.

If maintained appropriately, dental implants can last a significant period of time whilst carrying a low risk of complications. Even with continued implant maintenance and repairs, the long term cost of dental implants can still be significantly less than alternative tooth replacement options.

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Factors Affecting Dental Implants Cost

Not all dental implant treatments are the same, and there are many factors determining the cost of dental implants. Being aware of these factors often puts dental implant costs into perspective.

The cost of implant fixtures can vary depending on the quality, country of manufacture and scientific data backing the product.

Modern technology comes at a cost. Practices with more technologically advanced equipment will often have higher fees to enable them to deliver the best treatment modalities available.

The skill level and experience of the support staff, particularly the clinical assistants, also plays a role in determining the cost of dental implant treatment. Like dentists, clinical nurses need to be trained for dental implant procedures. Consequently, the labour costs are higher than those for general dental treatment.

As with most prosthodontic procedures, the dental technician and ceramist plays an important role in the final result of your implants as they physically fabricate the restorations / crowns. They are often underestimated as they work “behind the scenes”. Having an experienced dental technician consequently comes at a higher cost.

Careful consideration needs to be made when determining where to have your dental implant treatment. There should be very little or no compromise in terms of the quality of the materials used. Laboratory fees can vary significantly depending on where the restoration is made and the materials that are used.

Our dental professionals provide a comprehensive range of dental implant services from our Perth CBD location. We are easily accessible for patients in West Perth, East Perth, South Perth, North Perth, Subiaco, and surrounding suburbs.