Ever thought you’d like to improve your smile?

Do you ever cover your teeth when you smile, or feel uncomfortable when you meet someone new? Or perhaps you close your mouth when being photographed?

It can be frustrating, hiding our teeth, particularly when our teeth are so much on display. In fact, our teeth are often one of the first things we notice when we meet someone. Fortunately, rapid advances in research and technology, along with a surge in public interest in cosmetic dentistry has made cosmetic options more accessible and affordable than ever.

Today, Cosmetic Dentistry Perth is fast becoming one of the main reasons people visit the dentist. After all, a beautiful smile can make an incredible difference to someone’s life, particularly by boosting self-esteem.

Cosmetic dentistry Perth services range from simple procedures such as at-home teeth whitening kits to composite bonding or porcelain veneersInvisalign clear aligners, dental crowns, teeth implants or complete smile makeovers. Make an appointment with cosmetic dentists Dr Alex Foo and learn more about your options.

We’ve created Aria Dental differently, all with you in mind.

We’ve created a comfortable, special place, unlike any dental clinic you’ve visited.

We know that for some, visiting a dentist is not always pleasant, and can even be anxiety-provoking. At Aria Dental, as soon as you arrive at our reception, you are cocooned in a feeling of plush comfort – its more like a 5-star hotel than a dental clinic. The whole Aria Dental premises have been custom designed with noise cancelling acoustic features to ensure that you remain relaxed, calm and that your treatment journey remains private. Our amazing guest services and treatment coordination team is always there to assist you and make your treatment experience first class. Our highly skilled, friendly and compassionate nursing team will guide and monitor you while in our care. The Aria Dental dentists and our specialist are trained to minimise any pain and discomfort during and after any treatment – while delivering you the best dental results. Post treatment, you can relax in the Aria Dental recovery room fully fitted with large luxury recliners, comfy blankets, low lighting and aromatherapy to allow you to decompress.

If you are particularly nervous be at ease, as Aria Dental can offer a range of excellent stress-free sleep dentistry options to make your experience even more relaxing and comfortable.

But comfort doesn’t mean compromising on quality of care. Far from clinical, our five-star dental clinical rooms feature comfortable seating, calming music and ceiling mounted big-screen TVs making it more like a luxury lounge than a surgery. We use state-of-the-art equipment, latest technology and the most up-to-date advances in cosmetic dentistry Perth and patient care. Our strong relationship with Q-Lab Dental Laboratory (in the same building) allows us to deliver hand crafted, custom designed dental products at the highest quality standard, very quickly & affordably.

Choose Aria Dental for your smile makeover

It’s no surprise if you’ve heard of the phrase ‘smile makeover’as they’re now more popular than ever. A smile makeover can mean anything from one or two simple, straightforward cosmetic procedures to more advanced and complex cosmetic makeovers.

At Aria Dental, our dental professionals will carry out a tailored smile design to assess your individual needs and ensure we give you your desired results. Take a look at our video on smile makeovers on this page to learn more about some of the technicalities involved.

If you have a complex case, you’ll need to see Aria Dental’s Prosthodontist – a specialist dentist who has completed additional formal training in cosmetic dentistry. Complex cases that may involve a combination of difficult issues such as malalignment, missing teeth, very short teeth, painful teeth or other problems.

As we’re located in the Perth CBD, we’re an excellent location for patients in North Perth, East Perth, West Perth, South Perth, Shenton Park, Subiaco, Burswood, Northbridge, Highgate, West Leederville, Mount Lawley, Wembley, Victoria Park and surrounding suburbs looking for Cosmetic Dentistry Perth.