Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening to brighten your smile!

Improve your confidence with brighter, attractive teeth

Teeth can yellow with time through the natural ageing process or through staining from tea, coffee, wine and smoking. There are many products advertised that claim to whiten teeth, however it has been proven that the most effective and fastest way to whiten your teeth is to have it done professionally by your dentist. Teeth whitening does not affect your existing crowns or fillings. You may experience some tooth or gum sensitivity, however your dentist will advise on how to manage this and it is safe and effective when done correctly. Teeth whitening is not permanent and will need the occasional touch up. Don’t just accept your stained teeth make an appointment with one of our dentists today!

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Porcelain veneers are a simple and conservative cosmetic dental treatment option. They can be used to change the size and shape or your teeth, close gaps between your teeth and lengthen and shorten your teeth. The result can be beautiful and brighter teeth in just a 2-3 appointments.

Our Recommendation

Aria Dental Perth recommends that you view all the videos in the cosmetic dentistry series. These are educational and will provide an understanding of cosmetic dentistry and provide an overview of the options for improving your own dental functionality and aesthetics.
Aria Dental through their Prosthodontist, Dr Michael Zaninovich is a leading Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic and patients are referred to the centre from Perth, the Metropolitan Area and from anywhere in Western Australia.
You may also contact us directly and make an appointment for a consultation and assessment and find out what can be done with your teeth and bring back your natural smile.
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