Dental Onlays are strong and durable fillings

An alternative option to dental crowns

An onlay is a type of dental filling where the cusps of the tooth are involved. It often is an alternative option to having a dental crown and is less expensive and more conservative therefore better for the tooth. It can be made from ceramic or gold and is fabricated in a dental laboratory.

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How to create beautiful long-lasting dental crowns

The process of making a dental crown

There are many steps involved in making a dental crown. The tooth needs to be prepared and an accurate mould taken. This is sent to the laboratory where the dental technician creates a customised crown for your tooth. This will need to be carefully fitted and assessed for appropriate function and aesthetics.

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Aria Dental Perth recommends that you view all the videos in the cosmetic dentistry series. These are educational and will provide an understanding of cosmetic dentistry and provide an overview of the options for improving your own dental functionality and aesthetics.

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