Missing a tooth but can't have dental implants?

A dental bridge to replace a missing tooth

If you have a missing tooth but cannot have a dental implant placed, a dental bridge is an alternative option you can consider to replace missing tooth. This involves preparing the adjacent teeth to retain the bridge so that an artificial tooth can be supported.

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Restore your teeth with natural looking dental crowns and bridges

Restore broken or missing teeth to enable you to eat with confidence

If you have damaged or severely worn teeth they can be restored to function with the use of custom-made dental crowns. Missing teeth can be replaced with a fixed bridge if dental implants are not a suitable option. Your dentist will advise on the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure and determine which is best for you.

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Aria Dental Perth recommends that you view all the videos in the cosmetic dentistry series. These are educational and will provide an understanding of cosmetic dentistry and provide an overview of the options for improving your own dental functionality and aesthetics.

Aria Dental through their Prosthodontist, Dr Michael Zaninovich is a leading Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic and patients are referred to the centre from Perth, the Metropolitan Area and from anywhere in Western Australia.

You may also contact us directly and make an appointment for a consultation and assessment and find out what can be done with your teeth and bring back your natural smile.