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Cosimo Petrucci

Master Ceramist & Prosthetist

Cosimo Petrucci has been in the dental industry for over 36 years. With extensive experience in the tooth restoration industry, Cosimo graduated as a dental technician in 1985 before opening his own dental laboratory in 1987. He successfully managed his laboratory until 2014, when he and his family relocated to Perth, Western Australia.

Cosimo quickly established his highly skilled reputation in Perth, and in 2016, came to work for Aria Dental’s in-house laboratory Q-Lab, as our Lab Director and Master Ceramist.

Under his mentorship and leadership, the Q-Lab team offers dentists and specialists a wide range of prosthetic restorations. Under Cosimo’s keen eye, our team of dental technicians deliver some of the highest quality prosthesis in the Australian market. With Q-Lab’s digital laboratory workflow, everything is milled and processed in-house, with the aim of delivering short turnaround times, the best quality product and maintaining an affordable price.

Over his career, Cosimo has continually committed himself to education by staying up-to-date with the latest advances in the dental industry. In 2022, Cosimo completed his Dental Prosthetist studies at RMIT University and sees patients by appointment across our Aria Dental locations. Cosimo’s experience and skills allows him to be ready for any dental challenge.

In his spare time, Cosimo enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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