Cosmetic Dentistry Case 5

Decayed teeth, broken teeth and fillings, worn teeth and gaps in teeth managed with composite tooth fillings and ceramic fillings.

A 70 year old war veteran was referred to Aria Dental to restore his heavily broken-down teeth.

An examination revealed the following clinical concerns:

  • missing posterior teeth
  • broken-down front teeth
  • poor saliva quality and quantity
  • gum infections and tooth infections

This patient requested dental care to improve the condition of his teeth and gums. Composite filling materials were used to rebuild his teeth to an optimal level of function, health and aesthetics.

  • Before-Front
    Before Front After
  • Before-Lateral View
    After-Lateral View
    Before Lateral View After
  • Before-Occlusal View
    After-Occlusal View
    Before Occlusal View After