Cosmetic Dentistry Case 1

Short teeth and worn teeth managed with composite veneers and tooth fillings.

30 year old female patient presented with dental crowns recently completed overseas. She was unhappy with their appearance in particular their colour, shape and lip support. They appeared “flat” and did not look natural when she smiled.

In addition, the porcelain material was suboptimal due to its abrasiveness which resulted in increased breakdown and wear of her opposing lower teeth. To prevent further tooth surface loss and breakdown it was recommended that the dental crowns be removed and replaced with a higher quality ceramic restoration.

After careful examination of the aesthetic parameters, considerable areas of improvement could be noted. Not only the aesthetics but also the precision of fit of the crowns to her teeth were significantly improved. This is very often underestimated but is extremely critical in maximising the longevity of dental crowns.

  • Before-Front
    Before Front After
  • Before-Front Close Up
    After-Front Close Up
    Before Front Close Up After