Simple teeth tips to a stellar smile

We all know why smiling can be so important; a proven mood shifter and overall confidence booster — even fake smiling can have a positive…

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Putting the smile back into Christmas

For many of us, Christmas is a season of joy and festivity – a period when we can enjoy spending invaluable time with family and…

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Our patient Jim

How overdentures changed my life: Jim’s Story

Jim has never looked back since receiving dental implants It’s understandable that feeling embarrassed about the condition of your mouth and teeth can cause a…

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Principal Prosthodontist Dr Michael Zaninovich

Aria Dental’s Aim To Put The Smile Back Into Selfies

Our reward is literally putting smile back on people’s faces, showing off dental implants that not only look like but also function as natural teeth.…

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All smiles as tradie Brett Lee-Brown’s tooth wish granted

ALL Brett Lee-Brown wanted this Christmas was his front tooth, after it was unexpectedly snapped off during an exploratory endoscopy procedure last month. The distressed…

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