There is no doubt that dental implants will have a significant impact on the quality of your life. Not only will you have the functionality of your teeth back, but your self-assurance and psychological state will improve in leaps and bounds.

There is a very dark side to avoiding dental treatment. In fact, it is well documented in the dental community that severely broken-down teeth, missing teeth, dental pain and removable uncomfortable dentures can have a tremendous negative impact on the social interaction of individuals resulting in depression, avoidance behaviour and overall withdrawal from life. Our mouth, and more importantly, our smile plays a tremendous role in our confidence.

It is all too common for dentists to see patients with badly broken-down teeth and badly broken-down spirits. They cover their mouth when they smile, avoid major food groups because of pain or inability to chew, even avoid talking and laughing. This is all out of fear and embarrassment of their unsightly teeth, or worse their removable dentures falling out of their mouth.

What do Dental Implants have to do with it?

In a nutshell the reason why dental implants will have such an enormous life is because dental implants are practically the same as natural teeth both functionally and aesthetically. Your oral structure and health is able to be restored with your natural and uninhibited smile! Here are 4 reasons why Dental Implants will change your life:

  1.  Look Good = Feel Better.
    It is that simple. A happier and healthier you is the goal. Dental implants will help to initially improve and then maintain the youthfulness of your lips, smile and face. When teeth break down and/or are removed but not replaced, the bone that holds the teeth begins to resorb and reduce in size and shape. Dental implants assist with dental bone loss prevention which can reduce the appearance of aging. The face will seem less full which makes the mouth look saggy. This is avoided with Dental Implants as the implant fuses with the bone in the jaw, meaning the bone remains active and the face retains a fuller and less sunken shape.The procedure improves facial features by maximising soft cheek and lip support and will improve facial symmetry and proportions.
  2.  Improved mouth comfort
    Fixed dental implant solutions replicate the natural contours of the jaws and arch structure and will therefore be more natural and comfortable compared to plastic removable dentures or compromised and missing teeth. The dental implant prosthetics are fused to the jaw and do not need any assistance to be kept in position from the surrounding body tissues like the tongue, cheek and lips. This means that the sensation you have in your mouth is like having real teeth, and zero risk of your dentures jumping out your mouth when you laugh or eat.
  3.  Eating with freedom!
    It’s Friday night. It is your wife/husband/best friend’s birthday. Not only have you spent the whole day mentally preparing yourself to socialise with a smile that you are embarrassed of, but when you look at the menu a sense of dread washes over you when you realise that there is nothing on the menu that will allow you to eat with freedom. So, you order a bowl of chips, tell everyone that you are not really that hungry and silently wonder to yourself why you bother to come to these events anymore. With Dental Implants you have the freedom to eat and chew a complete range of foods. Now you can order a nice medium rare steak or have a breakfast that it loaded with fibrous fruits, seeds and nuts. Aside from getting your bite back, your diet will now allow for some nutritious and healthy items to return to your life. The gastrointestinal tract system starts at the mouth. Effective chewing of food begins the process of effective digestion, which is why oral health is so important.
  4.  Improved oral health
    Broken down teeth, decayed teeth and gum disease do not provide any benefits to your oral and overall system health. Mouth infections and diseases are commonly pain free and patients are not aware of the damage the broken-down teeth are doing to their mouth, the surrounding bones and overall system. By removing problematic teeth, the issues of decay and gum disease is eliminated. While there is the benefit of the incredible aesthetic change, the most dramatic change will be the impact this will have on the health of your mouth and body. The importance of a healthy natural smile is not to be underestimated. It has the power to change your digestive health, mental health and your self-confidence. Not only will your before and after pictures blow your mind, but a happier version of you is just one appointment away. Book a free consultation now.

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